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The Best Of 2014 – My Year in Bras

12 Jan

Hi everyone! So sorry I have not posted in while again, Finland is reeeeeally dark right now so taking pictures is almost impossible. Not to worry though! The sun came out to play first time in forever today so tomorrow will hopefully be a good day to shoot. Tomorrow is also first day of school (well, my first uni lecture of the year) so I am sure to take some proper pictures in the morning in my fresh makeup and hair.

Before we go into the real topic of this post, I will make announcement about February. I had decided not to enter Moda Lingerie Exhibition this time but as it turns out, I have been asked to take part in a discussion panel on Tuesday so of course I couldn’t say no. If I get any video footage I will post it up here as well! Also, this means I will be posting about the new collections for AW15 and I am so excited. So February will most definitely be my month of very prolific blogging, I promise you that.

Well, onto my real topic, I will be discussing the best bras of 2014 and where you can still find them if you’d like to take advantage of the final sales. Let’s see what I’ve picked!

The Looker of the Year

As I am very looks-obsessed person I shall start with the one I loved the most looks-wise this year. The Ewa Michalak “PL Slowianki” (click for the review!) made my summer and it was killer combination with my red Urkye dress. The red comes up so vibrant and I love the print, the lace and cut all so much I can’t really compare it to any other plunge bras I have tried. I also really liked the detachable padding as my boobs are a-symmetrical. EM online store still has some of these left in stock so if you have your size listed, give this one a try! If not, why not check out their other gorgeous PL styles? ūüėČ

The Most Comfortable of the Year

I have to say the Lepel “Iris” (click for the review!) was not on my comfy list at first but after a few wears the wires loosened up and now, the bra is my go to choice for a comfortable evening at home. The materials feel so soft against my skin and the cups are made of amazing stretch lace that accommodates any size fluctuations I might go through. I tell you, this bra is pure perfection and it’s super affordable too – it’s only under ¬£16 at Brastop and a tenner at Figleaves!¬†Both have only a few sizes left but if you are willing to pay the full 25 quid, you have an array of colours to choose from.

The Boudoir Bra of the Year

It was hard to choose only one from Gossard as they deserve a title of Boudoir Brand of the Year but as I am singling out bras here, I decided the Temptation set (click for the review!) is definitely a winner. The bra construction is very unusual for a bra going up to G-cup and the lace, the print and the demi-cup shape form a combination that whispers pure seduction. The set also includes a lovely waspie waist-cincher which makes this set a friend of any pinup¬†gal in the bedroom. If you fancy buying this set for a little Valentine’s Day surprise for yourself or/and your OH, you can snatch it up on the Gossard online store for a reduced price for ¬£25 for the bra and ¬£32 for the waspie!

The Most Unique of the Year

I love Tutti Rouge for making the cutest sets ever but last year they upped their game a bit by creating a print of their own for their cute girly style called Rosa (click for the review!). The tradition goes on this spring as the same cut comes in “Tallulah Tattoo” print, another Tutti exclusive design that draws inspiration from Sailor Jerry tattoo artist. As a true pinup, roses, pastel colours and tattoo prints are right up my street and this way, Tutti shoots an arrow to my heart each season. The Rosa is still available on the Tutti Rouge online shop and she sets you back at ¬£35 so not bad for this unique looker! If you are interested in the Tallulah Tattoo, I will be reviewing it later on this spring.

The Cleavage of the Year

My girls are not particularly close together so I would say that a good cleavage-enhancing bra is a true friend of mine. Not that it’s for everyday wear but when you head out for a night out in town, this totally boosts my ego a bit. The bra in question is the Kris Line “Marilou Deco” (click for the review!) and in addition to being a total babe, the bra is also made with lovely materials and great construction. This particular bra is pretty hard to find unless you’re Polish but there’s a few options for it on the Brastop online store.¬†If you’re based in USA, Kris Line pops on Zulily quite regularly as well.

The Best Construction of the Year + The Best Basics of the Year

Though I did review the Avocado Essentia only about a week ago, I did receive it in December so it still makes the list! I would say the K-shape of Avocado is one of the best I have encountered in addition to Ewa Michalak bras. Also the whole construction is uplifted and well-thought out, so I’m happy to hand this particular award to Avocado. If you would like your very own Essentia, head out to the Avocado website to get yours for 49,75 ‚ā¨.

The Innovation of the Year

As an active sports gal I could not leave this off the list as it’s one of the best sports bras I have ever tried. Panache Sport Non-Wired (click for the review) offers me exactly the same support as the wired one and I really believe it will be a favourite among those who do not like wired sports bras. This new season will bring out this badass bra in a vibrant purple shade and I absolutely adore it! I got mine from Lumingerie which delivers EU-wide and offers free shipping on all orders.¬†If you live in the USA, you can get yours easily from Figleaves.

Here are my bra favourites from 2014 and tomorrow we’ll get back to the reviews. I will be reviewing the Gossard Retrolution set and I am sure you will love it! Which bras did you wear the most in 2014? Or did you regret buying a particular bra? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

Review of Tutti Rouge “Nichole” in 30GG – Testiss√§ Tutti Rougen “Nichole”

3 Jun

Hiya everyone! Life has been a bit busy lately but I’m gonna use this extra bit of time to review something that I really like. I have been a bit impatient to try on the new ss14 styles of Tutti Rouge and was thrilled when Finnish online store Lumingerie gave me a chance to review one of their spring goodies. Lumingerie stocks only a few styles per brand but the owner has a great taste and had picked the lovely Nichole to be a part of their stock. Nichole is a Tutti Rouge continuity style that will appear next autumn in lovely rich tones, it’s a true classic already. So, let’s dig a little deeper and see how the Nichole does as a part of my everyday wardrobe…

The design: I like the simplicity but also the¬†details of Nichole. It’s a stunning bubblegum pink colour paired with traditional black, a striking combo that makes the set look interesting. I am always stunned by the amount of detailing Jessica puts in her designs: there is a little leopard print bow on the centre gore featuring a little pink heart to perfect the fun and girly look of the bra. Also I really like the way the black trimming and lace kind of circulates around the whole bra from the wiring to the edge of the cups and the band.

This bra gives a phenomenal shape – it’s very rounded and uplifted, almost exaggerated. I love this bra under clothing and how it makes my boobs look like lovely little (or big, I don’t know..) apples. The constuction keeps my breasts in front of me instead of splaying the boobs towards my sides. The bra is an unpadded three-part cup construction style very similar to Cleo bras such as Marcie which will make this bra an instant hit among us Cleo unpadded style lovers.

The Fit: There has been a lot of complaints about the fit of TR bras and I continue to be amazed by the amount of them – I have never had problems with their fit except with the AW13 version of Betty which I tried on briefly at work (it was way too shallow for me). However, I do think the fit of this bra shows a lot of improvement towards a more deeper and narrower cup style. I do like it since it gives my boobs a lot more forward projection and the cups fit nicely on my ever-growing boobs.

I got my Nichole in 30GG which is my regular size with most of the brands I wear excluding Lepel and Gossard. I have always worn my normal size with TR so I can definitely state that this bra runs according to their other styles. The band is snug yet comfy and features three hooks and eyes for maximum support. The straps are fully adjustable as with TR Liliana but unfortunately they feel a bit widely set though with my broad shoulders, I’m coping fine. The cups fit quite normally but as said, they feel quite a lot deeper than my previous Tutti Rouge styles, eg compared to the Frankie. The cups are non-stretchy material and have a stiff trimming in the edge so very FOT breast might need to size up or skip altogether. However, my breasts are quite full-on-top and I have no digging in whatsoever.

Comfort:¬†I must admit I had some serious issues with comfort at first, which made me put off this review a bit. I wanted to see how the bra softened up and luckily it did, a lot. The centre gore was the worst when I first put the bra on; it was literally stabbing my sternum and I couldn’t wear the bra for several hours without hurting. I started to wear the bra only for short periods and it turned out fine after a couple of wears – I can honestly say the gore is not stabbing me at anymore it feels rather comfy.

The materials are a bit scratchy but I don’t feel like they irritate my skin as I expected them to. The band feels really comfortable and stretchy enough even though I’m building back muscle all the time. I feel like the band doesn’t cause me a horrific back bulge like some other bras. Also the straps are a nice width so they support me just the way they need to and don’t usually fall off my shoulders even though they are quite widely set.

I love Tutti Rouge knickers – they are so flattering and comfy, and on the other hand quite practical as well. Nichole is meant for everyday wear which makes the regular brief a great choice to co-ordinate the bra (I got mine in size Small). The panties are sheer but cover my butt quite well and sit at a nice height – no too low or high. If you ever buy a TR bra, please do consider the panties too!

How did you like Nichole? Any of you considering buying Tutti Rouge this or next season? Let me know in the comments! xx Disclosure: This set was generously gifted by Lumingerie. All opinions are my own.

SUOMEKSI: Olen kovasti odottanut Tutti Rougen kevään malleja, joten olin tosi innoissani saadessani Lumingerielta testiin uuden purkkapinkin Nichole-setin. Lumingerien valikoimissa on aina parhaimmisto useammalta eri merkiltä ja tällä kertaa varastoon oli valikoitunut kaunis tyttömäinen Nichole. Nicholesta tuleekin ensi syksynä lisää upeampia tummia sävyjä, joten kannataa pistää malli vähintään korvan taakse jos pinkki ei ihan nappaa!

Itse olen aivan kympillä pinkki-fani, joten väri upposi kyllä ihan täysillä. Lisäksi musta koristenauha ja pitsi antavat potkua tyttömäiselle värille ja lisäävät setin kiinnostavuutta. Jessicalla on mahtava tyylitaju ja hän osaakin aina yllättää suunnitelemmalla mitä suloisempia pieniä yksityiskohtia! Nicholen keskiosassa on hauska leopardikuosinen rusetti ja rusetissa vielä pienenpieni sydän. Kangas on melko tukevan tuntuista meshiä, josta näkyy hieman läpi.

Nicholen kupit on koottu kolmesta eri osasta, joka antaa sille todella pyöreän melkein Cleomaisen muodon. Itse kuulun ainakin Cleon Mercien faneihin ja Nicholesta on syntynyt kyllä sille oikein mainio kilpasisko. Rinnat tuntuvat olevan todella eteenpäin suuntaavat kupeissa ja syvyyttäkin riittää enemmän kuin monissa aikaisemmissa Tutti Rougen malleissa. Koossani 65GG tuntuu olevan juuri oikean kokoiset kupit sekä ympärys, joten luokittelisin istuvuuden suurinpiirtein samanlaiseksi kuin muissakin brittimerkeissä. Kaarituet ovat melko keskivertoa mitoitusta, joten osuvat minulla juuri oikeaan kohtaan. 65-ympärys tuntuu jämäkältä mutta ei kuitenkaan liian tiukalta Рse ei esimerkiksi muodosta selkään ikäviä makkaroita vaikka tukeekin erittäin hyvin.

Aluksi rintsikat tuntuivat todella jäykiltä päällä eikä todellakaan voi sanoa että olisivat olleet liian mukavat. Useimmat rintsikat kuitenkin löystyvät päällä muutaman käyttökerran jälkeen, joten odottelin josko rintalastaani pistävät kaarituet pehmenisivät ja menettäisivät jäykkyytensä käytössä. Onneksi näin kävi ja nyt rintsikat tuntuvat melko mukavilta ja sopivat useammankin tunnin käyttöön! Alushousut TR:llä ovat aina yksi setin kivoimmista puolista eivätkä pettäneet tälläkään kertaa Рne ovat niin mukavat, sievät kuin käytännöllisetkin. Suosittelen siis ostamaan koko setin, sillä kyllä nämä hömppiksen peruspikkarit voittavat 100-0!

Nichole¬†rintsikat l√∂ytyy Lumingerielta edulliseen 39‚ā¨ hintaan, alkkarit kustantavat 19‚ā¨. Koissa riitt√§√§ hyvin, rintsikat l√∂ytyv√§t kokohaitarilla 60-85 DD-HH ja alushousut S-2XL. Mit√§s te olette mielt√§ setist√§ ja joko omasta kaapista l√∂ytyy Tutti Rougea? J√§tt√§k√§√§h√§n kommentia, ois mukava kuulla!

Review of Freya Deco in 30GG – Testiss√§ Freyan Deco

26 May

Last year I did a round up of dresses and bras that go together really well when the party season ie May/June comes.Now it’s time to talk about festive undercrackers again; I myself have chosen a bet-safe combo of a high-waisted knickers, my Made in Preston dress and a cobolt blue Freya Deco. I recently got this new ss14 shade of Deco from a Finnish D+ lingerie online store called Lumingerie and I have been testing the set a lot lately while attending several low-key cocktail occasions and also on regular working days. I think many of us know how well Deco suits so many different occasions but here is a review of the classic version of it. If you wanna compare it to the little more feminine Deco Honey, feel free to click here for the review.

The design:¬†Deco is a t-shirt bra with a very low plunging neckline. It’s great under clingy materials and doesn’t show through t-shirts or dresses. I love how great it looks under everything and am very pleased with how Freya changed a little detail recently – they replaced the molded plain edge of the cup with a trimming that should correct the “curving over” effect of the previous models. I feel like it has worked wonderfully for me and there is no fear of the edge curving at all, in fact it’s now completely invisible under most of my clothes.

The colours are always lovely with Decos – I am especially big fan of this cobolt blue version but also adore the Lagoon colourway with its soft fabric and whimsical pattern. I think the blue colour suits so many Finns and is a great basic colour in addition to black and beige. The centre gore and the straps feature little bows that add a little cuteness to the mix and make the bra more feminine. The padding of the bra is quite thick which can put off some people. However, even my mom who hates extra bulk is a devoted fan of Deco for its great shape. I love how round the cups are and the cleavage is a whole another story – it’s truly sensational.

Fit:¬†I got Deco in my regular size 30GG which is cup-wise at the higher end of the spectrum of the size range. I think the bra fits quite like so many other brands such as Panache and Curvy Kate – the sizing is very British, if that is a proper way to put it. There is no spillage at the centre of the cups and the cups suit very well my full-on-top shape. I would say the fit of the bra is very average overall – average width wires, average deep cups and average size band. I think the band is a lot more stretchy than with my Deco Honey and this way a lot more comfy as well. I however don’t agree with the others saying Deco would run a full band size big in the band, to me it feels more like a true to size 30″.

If I could advise Freya to do something a bit differently, I would say the straps are placed a little too far away from each other. I have pretty wide shoulders but still the straps could have been more centred to avoid any slipping off the shoulders. The wire however was really great for me, not too narrow or wide, not too high in the armpits either.

Comfort:¬†The Deco is an everyday t-shirt bra but also a popular choice for big celebrations such as matriculation parties here in Finland. For this reason, it needs to be extra comfy and not cause any irritation on your big day. I found the materials to be really nice with the smooth polyester blend that feels great on my skin. However, as said before the strap placement could have been better and I would actually advise to go for the strapless deco if you don’t want to worry about the straps slipping off your shoulders during the celebrations. The wires are pretty flexible meaning the bra is very easy to move around with and doesn’t a cause a feeling of restriction. Also the panties are quite comfy though I could have definitely gone down a size since the Small fits more like a snug Medium. The material of the panties is the same lovely sleek polyester blend as the bra and feels lovely against my skin.

Have you ever tried Deco and if so, how do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This set was gifted by Lumingerie for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Suomeksi: Meillä Suomessa alkaa olla juhlakausi hyvin lähellä ja monet etsivätkin hyviä liivejä juhlamenoja varten Рkovassa kulutuksessa ovat erityisesti t-paitaliivit ja olkaimettomat. Viime vuonna tein kevätkesällä postauksia hyvistä mekko- ja rintsikkayhdistelmistä mutta nyt esittelyssä olisi oma tämän kevään suosikkikomboni РMade in Prestonin punainen kynämallinen mekko, muotoilevat alushousut ja Freayn koboltin siniset Deco-liivit. Sain Lumingerielta testiin nuo uutukaiset Decot ja ovat kyllä heti muodostuneet hyväksi vaatekaapin peruspilariksi niin arki- kuin juhlakäyttöönkin.

Freyalla on tapana tehdä Decosta joka kausi uusia malleja ja vähän ehostaa vanhoja Рniin suosittu se on ympäri maailmaa. Omassakin lähipiirissä Deco-faneja löytyy, mukaan lukien parhaat ystäväni ja äitini. Deco on todella hyvä perusliivi malliltaan, sillä se tarjoaa sileän pinnan vaatteiden alle sekä syvän pääntien, joka sopii syväänuurrettujen mekkojen ja paitojen alle. Freya on nyt uudistanut Decoa siten, että sen reuna on kokonaan sileän ulkomuodon sijaan varustettu ylimääräisellä nauhalla, jonka pitäisi estää reunan kääntyminen ulospäin liivien ikääntyessä. Itselläni tämä pieni fiksaus on toiminut ainakin hyvin eivätkä liivien reuna näy useimpien vaatteiden alta ollenkaan. Väriltään koboltti on kaunis ja sopii hyvin perusvärien mustan ja beigen rinnalle.

Istuvuudeltaan Deco ei petä tälläkään kertaa. Sen hyvänmittaiset kaarituet, sopiva syvyys ja joustava mutta napakka ympärys tuntuvat juuri oikeilta omalle vartalolleni. Kaarituet tuntuvat keskiverroilta ja pitävät sisällään kaiken rintakudoksen karkaamatta kuitenkaan syvälle kainaloon. Kooksi valitsin oman yleisimmän kokoni 65GG ja se istuu melko samalla lailla kuin muutkin brittimerkkien liivit. Deco on siis istuvuudeltaan hyvin samanlainen verrattuna esim. Panacheen, Curvy Kateen ja Tutti Rougeen.

Decot ovat itselleni hyvin mieluiset liivit niin istuvuudeltaan kuin mukavuudeltaankin mutta olkanauhojen paikkaa Freya voisi vielä vähän miettiä. Vaikka allekirjoittaneelta hartioita löytyykin, tuntuu silti että kauas toisistaan laitetut olkaimet tippuvat välillä päivän aikana. Decosta on onneksi kuitenkin myös olkaimeton versio joka on varmasti oiva juuri juhlakäyttöön eikä olkainten tippumisesta tällöin ole ongelmaa. Materiaalit kaikissa Decoissa ovat kuitenkin todella ihanat ja polyester sekoite tuntuu mukavalta vasten atooppista ihoani.

Alushousut tässä setissä ovat melkoisen reilun kokoiset, joten suosittelisin ottamaan koon pienemmät mikäli mahdollista. Itse valitsin koon S, joka on hieman liian suuri ja tuntuu löysältä etenkin pepun puolelta. Muuten alkkaritkin ovat mukavat ja samaa liukasta pehmeän tuntuista kangasta kuin liivitkin.

Decon löydät Lumingerielta ja toimitusaikakin on vain 1-3 päivää, joten vielä ehtii tilata liivit esim.YO-juhliin tai vaikkapa kesähäihin. Kokohaarukka on liiveissä 60-85 DD-GG, hipsterhousuissa XS-XL.

Onko kukaan vielä päässyt Decoa testaamaan itse ja jos on, niin mitä olette tykänneet? Laittakaa kommenttiboksiin viestiä, olisi kiva kuulla myös teidän mielipide tästä klassikosta!

Review of Cleo Swim “Betty” swimsuit in 32G

13 Apr

It’s Sunday again and I feel like time is flying when one is having a good time! However my boyfriend has situated himself on the couch to watch motocross races so I may as well take this little time to review something for you. I am going to start today’s review with a little story. When I was choosing for the swimsuit from Panache a few weeks ago it was a massive mess and I was a bad, bad blogger. I first opted for the size 30GG which is my usual size and when choosing a style to go with the size I wanted to try the sweet Betty swimsuit in hot pink shade. However, I changed my mind swiftly and asked instead a sister size 32G. Well, after changing my size preference I noticed that also the lovely Carmen was indeed available in this size and I reaaaaally wanted to try it so I emailed Panache to ask if they could send the Carmen in 32G instead. In the end, the lovely folks at Panache sent me BOTH Betty and Carmen¬†(a link to my review)¬†which means two reviews for you guys! I am so grateful and was super-eager to try how these two very different styles would suit me.

The Design:¬†Betty is a more cute Cleo style and it really stood out to me when I browsed through the new Cleo Swim collection. I love pink (duh, just look at my hair) so I thought it would be a nice shade for me and my fair skin tone. The shade of pink is indeed flattering and the white dots keep the style simple and classy. Otherwise the colour-combo is almost too cutesy but looks nice when you are feeling a bit playful. The suit also goes nicely along with the Cleo’s pink version of the new Kaftan. To add up the girliness of this suit, Cleo has added some ruffles to the neckline and the bottom part of the suit as well. I really like the ruffles but I still prefer the more clean-cut look of Carmen – it’s definitely more grown-up and beach-suitable.¬†

The Betty features non-padded plunge cups which is something people might prefer to achieve a better fit. However, as I guessed when opting for the suit the balconette shape of Carmen is still my go-to choice. The shape the cups give me is quite rounded which I love about Cleo styles in general and they feature only one seam that runs diagonally across the cup. Even though the upper part is very plunging it still features a center gore that’s quite high and sturdy.

The Fit: I was a bit worried about the plunge neckline since it doesn’t tend to work on my body and boobs that well. The cups were quite deep all over which made it more easy to adjust my breast into the cups and there was no overspill whatsoever. In fact, the cups were almost too deep for me and did leave some wrinkling at the apex when poorly-adjusted. When adjusting and taking the suit for swim I didn’t notice any problems anymore so I guess you should always take a swimsuit for a test-run before judging.¬†

Betty runs about the same way Carmen did which meant the 32G was slightly too big for me in the body part of it. I could fasten the band to the tightest set of hooks so I could have definitely tried my normal 30GG. I am used to Cleo bands running pretty tightly so I would say both of the swimsuits I tried were more true-to-size in the band. To me, this is a good thing since customers can now buy their regular size without worrying about it being too tight. 

Comfort:¬†First of all, I didn’t expect how tricky it is actually to get a wired swimsuit on – it definitely needs some more time and effort than a regular one. The wires tend to stab me a bit in the stomach when putting on the suit but I figured out the best way to put it on painlessly; just roll the upper part of the suit either inwards or outwards before putting it on. This way the wires behave more nicely and don’t stab you too much. Otherwise the swimsuit is quite comfortable and also the halterneck straps are not as thin and flimsy as with the Carmen swimsuit. I think this style is very well suited for gals with bigger breasts than mine since it gives more support than Carmen and is deeper in the cups.

The center gore of Betty is quite sturdy and comes quite high for a plunge neckline which may be an issue for some women. I first thought it was a bit too sturdy on my sternum but when I actually went swimming, it felt fine and I couldn’t even notice it. The body part of the suit was also very comfortable and I definitely could have gotten away with an even smaller size.¬†

All in all I really like the Betty but my heart still belongs to Carmen, as it’s more my own personal style and keeps me looking fresh with its colour scheme. However I would still recommend Betty more if you have a fuller shape than mine and want more sturdier support when swimming.¬†

This style is available in a great size range of 30-38 D-H and you can find it eg at Brastop for £46. How did you like the Betty compared to Carmen? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! xx

Disclosure: This swimsuit was generously gifted by Panache for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Review of the Curvy Kate “Daisy Chain” bra in 30GG

9 Apr

Hello dear all! I have landed safely on Finnish soil and my first day here was absolutely perfect – roasted salmon, comedy¬†night with friends and cuddling up with my boyfriend. Couldn’t have wished for more! Today I’m heading out to test another new swimsuit but before that I take some time to chill and write a review for you guys since guess what, I am starting a new even more fierce love-affair with Curvy Kate unpadded bras! A lovely lingerie e-commerce store Mio Destino offered to send me a set of Curvy Kate lingerie and I decided to cross my fingers for the unpadded styles to fit me. For my surprise, the fit was greatly improved since I last tried them and I was thrilled to gain back my admiration for CK’s unpadded options. Today I’m reviewing Curvy Kate “Daisy Chain” which is a piece from CK’s SS14 collection.

The design:¬†I had really hard time picking between Daisy Chain and the new Raspberry toned Dreamcatcher. I love the colours of the Curvy Kate SS14 collection so there were definitely a lot of options in the Mio Destino store as well! Eventually I went for the Daisy Chain since it’s quite a new style for me – a plunge shaped unpadded bra with laminated cups. My previous Curvy Kate bras have all been sheer balconettes which is why I was super curious to try out this particular design. I had never been too eager about the Curvy Kate “Lottie” which also featured laminated cups but this lovely pink shade of Daisy Chain looked so cute I could’t resist it. I ended up really loving the laminated fabric since it does give me a bit more sturdier shaping than the sheer CK styles.

I was very dubious about the shape of this bra would give me since my now-more-prominent full-on-top shape had started to affect my relationship with my previous CK styles. I was devastated since they were so comfy but I just simply couldn’t look that great in them anymore. With Daisy Chain I can see the fit improvements though and I can tell you that they are MASSIVE. The shape is a wonderful natural shape with a slight curve and looks very uplifted and supported compared to eg my old Portia. It looks great under any piece of clothing but for me unpadded CK styles have always been the kind of everyday bras to wear under t-shirts and sweaters. Daisy Chain is exactly the bra for this kind of use and I love it to death for it.

The bra is constructed of three parts and features a lovely sheer panel on the top part of the cup. The sheer panels also feature some lovely embroidery which is what I love about Curvy Kate styles in general. The whole styling of the bra is so cute and makes me smile. Love it!


The fit:¬†The most important fit improvements that are notable are the lift and size consistency with this bra. I opted for my usual size 30GG but was kind of afraid it would be too big since CK used to fit me differently between padded and unpadded styles. This size along with my other Curvy Kate bras fits me very well and doesn’t feel like it’s too big as I would have guessed it to be. Also the plunge shape is always a risk with my breast shape but with this bra it seems to work wonderfully! You can see some slight wrinkling in the cups on the side but that is only because I’m lifting my arms. Also there is slight wrinkling towards the apex with the other cup but that is due to my size difference and it is not really that notable.

Wires are again perfect and straps luckily fully-adjustable. I think the cups are also deeper than they used to be with previous CK unpadded cups. This is good news for people with less shallow breasts. Also as the centergore is lower than with CK balconettes it is more suitable for women with closer-set breasts or women who prefer plunge styles to go along with lower necklines.The band and cups of the bra run pretty true-to-size and again I’m impressed with how lovely the band feels on my body – not too tight yet very supportive.


The comfort:¬†Yet again, best feature of the whole set is how comfortable it feels on. CK has always managed to win me over with it’s delicious designs and colours but comfort is the one thing that always sets them apart from so many other lingerie brands. I recommend CK as a first full-bust brand to try since comfort is still one of the most crucial parts of accepting your full-bust size and and diving into the world of full-bust lingerie. If your first D+ bra is a disaster comfort-wise the whole revelation of D+ sizes basically get’s ruined. I cannot emphasize more how well this bra feels on and how I barely can feel it when wearing it around the house or just cycling to uni. The band feels stretchy enough to accommodate a lot of movement during the day and also the wires are very comfortable; no pinching or poking anywhere.

I was also sent the the Daisy Chain thong to go along with the bra and I definitely think it’s quite comfy for a thong. I think CK has also improved the fit of their panties and put a lot of thought into them by adjusting the sizing and also coming up with a few new style options. In the past the panties used to run quite small but with this SS14 collection I feel the sizing has shifted towards the more regular fit which means I can pretty comfortably wear a size 8 now. I still feel like I’m kind of between sizes 8-10 but that should sort itself out when I hit the gym more regularly now that I’m back home.

All in all Curvy Kate’s Daisy Chain is a lovely set which makes a great everyday basic for unpadded bra lovers. It also features a short options as a co-ordinate which means one can choose between the more flattering and comfy style herself. This bra is available in sizes 28-38 D-J and the panties in sizes 8-22. You can get the set from Mio Destino for the affordable price of ¬£29 for the bra and ¬£14 for the panty.

Disclosure: This set was generously gifted by Mio Destino for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Review of Cleo by Panache “Carmen” swimsuit in 32G

4 Apr

As all ya British people know, the summer is almost here in UK and that means packing our swimsuits and heading to the seaside. Not that the climate is too warm here yet but there have been some pretty excitingly sunny days to at least dream about a cool swim and a day at the beach. America is a whole another story, I have literally seen people’s lakeside pictures from their spring break and I almost can’t take it – way too exciting for someone whose homeland is still in a winter-y state. However, when Panache contacted me and asked me to review one of their new Cleo Swim styles I was totally up for it as I had been longing for a proper swimsuit for months. When grilling myself on the beach I prefer bikinis but for swimming pool use I feel like onepiece is a more appropriate choice.

After weighing my options (and changing my mind for a few times as I am the queen of hesitation) I really wanted to try the amazing new Carmen swimsuit in 32G. This swimsuit goes up to G-cup and Cleo styles usually run a bit tight in the band which is why I felt that I needed to sistersize this time. Panache also sent me one of their new creations with the swimsuit – a lovely yellow kaftan in size M. The parcel also included a plastic little bag for the swimsuit and a beach bag to along with the whole “outfit”. Here are my thoughts about the Carmen swimsuit and the kaftan…

The design:¬†Extremely attractive! I mean whoa this thing is a total beauty for a onepiece swimsuit. I was skyping with my boyfriend in the middle of shooting the pictures and he literally told me he couldn’t have ever believed how hot a swimsuit could be. ALSO, I got hit on by a random dude at the swimming pool today when wearing this so apparently this swimsuit appeals to both men and women. The print is absolutely lovely and the colour extremely flattering. I love the pineapples which makes the onepiece look a little retro. Also the cut is very 50’s-60’s looking which I absolutely love. It’s very flattering and covers everything that needs to be covered.

I love how this swimsuit features padded balconette cups with two-part cup construction which gives me extra security with no nipples showing through and my girls supported the best way when swimming. There is a bra band built in the swimsuit which adds a bit more security and holds the breasts up better than a regular swimsuit. The cups give me a pretty rounded look, just what I expect from Cleo. I also like how good the proportions are on my body – the swimsuit is not vertically too short or show too much of my butt or chest. However the cups of the swimsuit are not too high either so they keep the look very young and a bit sexy as well.


The fit:¬†As I sized up in the band for comfort reasons I felt like the I could have tried the 30GG after all (if it existed). However the fit was overall really nice and I would say true-to-size. I now usually wear a 30GG when it comes to bras but with a swimsuit I am happy compromise the snugness of a band to make it look less tight and overall more flattering. I am also not the shortest person I know which means I always want to make sure everything fits me length-wise as well (for reference I’m almost 5″6). 32G was definitely a good fit length-wise but when stretching out a bit while getting wet the suit could have been slight tighter on my body. However this didn’t bother me and when doing any sort of sports I wanna feel comfy and not too restricted.

The cups were a good fit, not too small or big but just the right size. The wires were exactly the right width for me which I always appreciate. Because this is a strapless balconette style with optional halterneck straps attached to it I find it really attractive but was dubious about how it would hold itself up when swimming. This was not a problem though and I felt pretty secure in the suit without the fear of my boobs falling out of the cups. However the feeling of not having “proper” thick straps made me still yank up the suit now and then but this was more due to a psychological reason – I couldn’t believe I was wearing an actually working strapless swimsuit. However I would advice Panache to add some kind of silicone strings to the inside of the cups, just for extra security (but on the other hand, I have no idea how it would work together with chloride water – maybe the silicone would wear off easily?)

Comfort:¬†Love it! So comfy when just chilling (tested in my room while skyping with my bf) and amazing when swimming. The materials feel very soft and the fabric is stretchy enough to allow any movement. The wires don’t dig into my armpits thanks to the perfect width and length. What I would hate would be wires going too high up in my armpits which would affect my comfort while swimming; however, this swimsuit is so perfectly planned to be functional, comfortable and pretty at the same time so I don’t really have any complaints. It also doesn’t dig into my butt or hips which creates a smooth look on my body. Gotta love it! The detachable straps of the suit are very thin which could cause a bit of strain on your neck but as it’s created for D-G busts it’s not meant to carry a huge amount of weight. Also the support comes from the built-in band which is always the most crucial part of a bra or a swimsuit.

The Kaftan:¬†So adorable. And comfy! I love the soft fabric the kaftan is made from and how you can make it accommodate your figure by tightening the waist with the strings. The colour is so cute for the summer and I like how it matches with the Carmen swimsuit. Definitely will be wearing this A LOT in the summer since it’s so easy to throw on even when going shopping or having a drink at a terrace. For me it’s a prefect length too so quite short but I can see so many girls wearing this style with leggings as well.

The size M is a bit too large for me since I usually wear a size XS-S but as I said I can definitely make it work by tightening the waist. It’s also super-flattering for someone who has a big bust – definitely not ” the expecting mum look” here at all! Actually, I am so thrilled about this kaftan I can’t stop imagining myself in my city’s docks, eating ice cream and wearing my matching yellow RayBans. Oh summer, why can’t you be here already!

Overall I think Cleo Swim has put together a really amazing new collection and I’m really impressed by the look and fit of the Carmen swimsuit. This is exactly what I want all the full-bust brands to do and I am so grateful that I had the chance to try this new style out. The best and prettiest swimsuit I’ve ever tried! What do you think about the Carmen? Let me know in the comments!

The Carmen swimsuit is available in sizes 28-38 D-G. The Kaftan is available in sizes S-L and also in a lovely pink shade. Do check out the other Cleo Swim styles as well because, hello, there’s also a LONGLINE bikini available!

Disclosure: This swimsuit was gifted by Panache for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Review of Gossard “Summer” in 32FF

19 Mar

As I told you guys a few days ago, I received a couple of sets from the Gossard’s recent collections and as a more summery option I was sent their very aptly named ‚ÄĚSummer‚ÄĚ set to review. I was very keen to see if this unpadded style would fit me similarly to the padded Edina since it was such a success with my shape.

The design:

The Summer is almost like a more spring-like version of Edina with its painting-like flower print. The colours are lovely with this bra as well ‚Äď it’s a happy mixture of lavendel purple, peach and creamy tones. These shades are very nice on my extremely fair skintone and also very fashionable for the SS14 season. The lace is beautiful and very feminine yet quite simple complimenting the cheerful print.

¬†With unpadded bras like Summer it’s crucial to create a as-good-as-possible shape, especially with full-on-top breasts since they can be turned into sad droopy things hanging way too low on one’s waist. In three words: uplift is vital. Gossard has managed to great quite a natural and also fairly minimized shape even with an unpadded bra. The uplift is beautiful and looks great under shirts and dresses. Definitely one of my new favourite bras at the moment!

¬†Compared to Edina Summer is definitely a more everyday look which can be worn in most situations since it doesn’t give you any extra volume or cleavage. It’s great under t-shirts as well since the lace on the top part of the cups is very thin and the colour palette is so light (not as light to go as a “nude” bra but that’s not usually a problem since I don’t wear white). The band has Gossard’s signature triangle design and looks very pretty, as always.


The bra has a very similar cup construction to Edina even being a unpadded design; it features three parts per cup and both vertical and horizontal seaming. The cups have quite a good depth to them for me and the wires encase all my breast tissue. I would say the overall fit is VERY similar to my Edina. I opted for the size 32FF with Summer as well and it fits me perfectly.

 As said in my latest post the Gossard bras run small in bands and large in cups. This applies to Summer as well which is good since I can note that the fit is very consistent. Nothing more annoying than to order bras from the same brand and end up with differently fitting individuals! Consistency in sizing makes it always easier to make your next order since there is no guessing with the sizes.


Like¬†Edina, I wear Summer around my flat just for hanging out since it’s so comfy. The materials are very good quality and feel nice against my skin, also the wires are the right width and don’t pinch me anywhere. The straps are half-adjustable which always makes them more problematic for smaller ladies. They are also made half-way through out of satin which makes them more slippery than just basic bra straps.

¬†Again, the co-ordinates were super comfy with this set. I rarely wear a thong but this one was especially comfy which is great since a badly-fitting thong is one of the worst things I know. Also the size XS was spot on and didn’t rise up my butt towards my back or create any muffin-top. I especially loved the fact that the sides of the thong featured the same semi-strechy lace that the bra did, great for accomodating slight weight-fluctuations.

¬†All in all, I loved the Summer as much I loved Edina. Gossard has very quickly become on of my go-to brands when it comes to sexy yet comfy pieces and if I speak the truth, it’s one of my boyfriend’s favourites as well! The unpadded bra comes in sizes 30-38 D-G but it is also available in smaller cupsizes as a padded bra. The panties come in sizes XS-XL. You can find the set on Gossard’s website!¬†What do you think of Summer, is it something you could imagine adding to your summer wardrobe? Let me know in the comments! xx

 Disclosure: This set was generously gifted by Gossard. All opinions are my own.

Review of Curvy Kate “Starlet” in 30GG

7 Mar

Recently I have been looking for a suitable and pretty t-shirt bra that would go well with my full-on-top breasts. I grew out of my Curvy Kate Smoothies and my Deco which is a tragedy as they both fitted me so well and for months I went without proper smooth bras which would be invisible under clothing made of thin fabric. However, the amazing folks of Curvy Kate gave me a chance to review their new Starlet which is a lovely peach-shade t-shirt bra with a similar shape to their previously released style Smoothie. I just had to get my hands on the beauty and when it arrived I instantly put it on and tested it for a few days.


Design:¬†As said before, Starlet is very similar to Smoothie, however some bloggers have even preferred Starlet as a better-fitting option. I was very happy with my Smoothies so expectations were quite high! The style turned out to be lovely but a bit different style-wise compared to Smoothie. Starlet feels like the little sister of Smoothie – a bit more girly and fun. It’s a a fun number for everyday use and I absolutely love the mermaid-kind-of look of it! The colour combos have been great as well – especially the red Christmas edition left me drooling. The summer shade of Tigerlilly is very suitable for the season and so flirty with its pink trimmings and a little star on the center gore! The cups also have a nice almost fish-skin-like pattern which even adds up the mermaid-feel of the set.

The shape of the bra is great under clothing. It is very rounded yet natural and doesn’t show any lines under clothing like some other padded styles do. The cups are quite thin for a padded bra which is definitely a plus for so many ladies out there. Also the Starlet gives me a decent cleavage unlike my old Smoothies. It is a great feature since I am a lover of proper cleavage – this bra would make my boobs look pretty awesome in a low-cut shirt!


Fit:¬†Very similar to my Smoothies which means the fit is very close to ¬†perfect. The cup depth is quite good for me and the size 30GG absolutely right as with my other CK styles as well. When I first received the bra I was 99 % sure the cup size would be too big since the bra looked huge. However when I put it on I was happy to note that it was exactly the right size, even with some extra space at the bottom of the cup. This is what I think is the most significant change CK made since releasing Smoothie and getting critique about the fit. For me, this change was not needed and I would have preferred the original fit but as said, the change in the fit has clearly worked out really well for other women and especially more full-on-bottom breasts. The slight folding of the cup at the bottom part doesn’t bother me that much and it’s nothing too noticeable.

Even though Starlet gives me a pretty awesome cleavage it doesn’t make me spill at all from the cups. Therefore I would say it’s still quite a good choice for full-on-top boobs as well. No spillage, no gaping and the wires sit on a almost perfect spot, maybe a tad wider than I need. However, the wires don’t go further than the edge of my armpit which is great regarding how G+ bras tend to have horribly graded wires. The edges of the cups are also placed really nicely on a medium height which means there is not too much spillage towards the armpit nor does the edge of the cup chaff my skin.

The back band feels firm yet comfortably stretchy which is what I prefer at the moment. I have been thinking a lot about the complaints towards stretchier bands recently and have come to the conclusion that in fact 30 should not only stretch to 29″ or 30″ like some do but preferably have a little give to them for comfort reasons. This is where +0 method sometimes goes wrong: if the bands are created to be exactly 30″ they will still feel uncomfortable on a true-30″ ribcage. This is why Curvy Kate never fails me with its sizing: I know that their 30 bands are quite stretchy and suit my bodytype really well (eg I have very prominent ribs that sometimes affect the fit of a bra).


Comfort:¬†Curvy Kate has always managed to be one of my favourite brands because of how comfy their sets are. I can just throw them on and forget that I am actually wearing underwear. The Starlet is a great everyday bra and again, as said before, it has quite a good wire width despite that it’s a G+ bra. If I remember correctly Smoothie had a few problems with the wire width in bigger cup sizes combined with small backs. I can’t say anything about the GG+ versions but mine was beautifully graded so that the wires weren’t digging into my armpits nor my back which is great. Also the materials were smooth and didn’t cause any irritation. The back band has three hook and eyes which is great for weight distribution and relieves the stress on my shoulders and back. It doesn’t dig in either which both comfort- and looks-wise very important.

If I could make a slight improvement to the bra it would be placing the straps closer to each other since, in my size at least, they felt a bit wide-set and as you can see in the pics above, they were chaffing my armpits a bit. However, the straps haven’t fallen off my shoulders a single time because of the material of the straps, so that hasn’t been a problem to me. It’s only when doing “bigger” movements with my arms is when I notice the strap placement. Also the straps are fully-adjustable which is always a plus for more petite women.

This time I went for the thong as a co-ordinate option since I haven’t recently been too keen on trying high-waisted knickers, just for the sake of my body type. I am also trying to learn to use more thongs since they are quite practical under tight clothing and also cause I do feel sexy in them. However, it is very hard to find a thong that would flatter one’s body type and also feel comfortable during the day. I was thrilled when I tried the Starlet thong on cause it truly is a great everyday option eg under tight jeans. I loved how comfy the thong felt and size 8 was definitely the right size for me; no muffin top and also no feeling of the thong rising to high up my butt during the day. A+ plus for panty that’s usually regarded as an uncomfy sexy-time garment!

Overall the set is lovely and a great option for those who love something a bit different for their t-shirt bra choice! The set is available in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG and 38D-G, panties in sizes 8-20. I would also love to hear any other experiences about the set so if you have any, please share them in the comment box!

This set was generously gifted by Curvy Kate for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Spring favourites – Review of Curvy Kate “Carmen” longline in 30GG

27 Jan

From time to time I face a lingerie set that just has to be mine. I’d do anything for it, beg or not eat in a few days. Walk a few miles to the ByBox, for instance (which I totally did! 4,2 miles to be exact). When I saw Curvy Kate’s Carmen a few months ago for the first time it was love at first sight. That bra HAD to be mine, no matter what it would take. A couple of days ago I finally received my Carmen which I bought from Figleaves and I couldn’t be happier. Turns out, in addition to great looks, Carmen is also made of true Curvy Kate material; it’s comfortable and well-fitting. Here’s my review, hope you enjoy it!



Carmen is a longline bra which means the band of this beauty is much wider than on regular bras. This fine individual features six hook and eyes and I would estimate the band to about 8 cm wide. The cup construction is very typical for a padded CK style: it has three vertical seams which gives the cups a very traditional balconette shape. My boobs and the balconette work wonders together once again and the cups give me a pretty rounded uplifted shape. The material of the cups is by no means thick so this bra doesn’t add too many extra inches to my natural breast size.

When it comes to colour and styling I love how CK preserves their well-known aesthetics with a fresh twist. I personally love the look of longline bras which is one of the reasons this bra was a mus-buy for me. I am also sucker for a good pink or red bra and loved how feminine and elegant the colour scheme looks on this particular style. Also the flowers that adorn the cups are created in a fresh, young and modern way which suits my 21-year-old taste. The dash of lime green just adds a girly and fun edge to the bra and prevents it from being too pink.


Fit: The fit of this bra is quite similar to my new Tease Me which I reviewed just recently. I would say the cups run a teeny tiny bit larger which is why my other cup ends up gaping just a little bit. Otherwise 30GG appears to be a great choice. The cups of the bra are definitely on the shallower side but not too much to cause major problems with my boobs (just a little extra space in the bottom of the cup which causes slight folding of the cups). I love CK balconettes: they are very compatible with my FOT shape and provide extra space on the top part of the cups.

The band of this longline bra is one of its best qualities, once again. I have had VERY painful experiences with longlines before which made me a bit hesitant to try the style in the first place. However, CK bands tend to run a bit on the looser side which meant that the band was stretchy enough to allow normal movement without any pinching or rolling. 

The straps of the bra are a bit wide-set but not once have they fallen off my shoulders. They are also fully-adjustable which makes this bra an easy option for many petite girls as well. Wires are the same length as your usual CK bra: pretty average and especially spot-on on yours truly. They also end at the right spot under my armpit which prevents discomfort and chaffing. 


Comfort:¬†As mentioned before, I have previously had problems with comfort issues when it comes to longlines. However, CK Carmen is constructed differently than most of other longlines I have encountered so far. Here’s the difference; Carmen only features 2 additional bones which are right below my armpits. Since there is no boning in the back of the bra it makes the whole design much more comfortable and better for everyday use. Also the boning used on the sides of the bra is very flimsy which makes it super easy to move around without any pain or discomfort. I also love how stretchy the band is an doesn’t compress my ribcage too much.

All in all I think Curvy Kate has managed to pull off their first longline design very well without any major fit issues or comfort-related problems. If I could make one improvement suggestion it would be to reduce the height of the cups to create more cleavage and an a more appealing look over-all. I love how my boobs look in Tease Me and just out of my personal preference I would love to see a more revealing version of Carmen.

Has anyone of my lovely readers tried the new Carmen yet? If not, is it on your spring lust-list? Let me know in the comments! xx

Diving into SS14 – My lingerie picks from Eveden, Panache & Curvy Kate

16 Dec

AW13 season was quite blunt to me when it came to lingerie and there was not much my regular go-to brands offered to a young fashion-seeking customer. As I went through preview pics of SS14 collections I felt a glimpse of hope since compared to our latest season there was much more innovation and colour involved. Today I’m gonna dive into the offerings of “the big guns” – Freya, Fantasie, Panache & Curvy Kate – and introduce you to my SS14 lingerie favourites.



Deco Original in Lagoon and Deco Honey in Topaz. I have loved Freya’s Deco range since I first had my Deco on back in spring 2013. The cleavage is phenomenal and the shape outrageously rounded. However I grew out of Deco Honey so this spring I’m on a quest to find myself a new Deco. I will probably go for the Lagoon colourway since it’s definitely something more unique the Deco range has ever provided and this time I’ll be opting for a size 30G. Also I love the Topaz since it is such a bright neon shade. I might be tempted to buy them both…



Elodie in Raspberry, Melissa in Soft Pink, Robyn and Vivienne in Silver.¬†I really think that Fantasie upped their ante this season and delivers some astonishing luxurious styles to us with their SS14 collection. I would probably pick Elodie as my favourite but all the designs above are breathtaking. On the other hand Fantasie’s luxury label Fauve got completely off the track this season and this is why I did not include any designs from the Fauve collection. I don’t own any Fantasie bras yet but would be glad to try some out now that they have come up with new younger styles.

Panache Superbra


Clara in Turkish Delight and Idina Balconette in Blossom. I was a little bit disappointed with Panache’s designs this spring season but this has also something to do with my own taste evolving and getting more “playfully sexy” as I’d describe it. Panache is still a bit too adult and plain to satisfy my desire for unique styles and clashing colourways so maybe the blame is on our age gap. However I found these too styles to be very appealing even though they are not quite my usual style. Clara is super sexy in the new colourway and I love how it somehow reminds me of Indian fabrics and the smell of spices. Idina on the other hand is very sweet retro style that could be a great basic for so many women with fair skin tone.

Cleo by Panache


Lily in Magenta/Orange, Maddie Animal and Marcie in Yellow.¬†Oh Cleo! I have always loved you and my love will never fade since once again you delight me with your incomparable colour combos and fun flirty designs. Though these styles do not scream “sexy” I would definitely describe them playful and funky. I am not always in a very sexy mood (*cough* period *cough*) and this is where I usually enter the fun. I have been drooling over the yellow Marcie since I first heard rumours of it and now that I still need to wait three whole months (!) for it I might just cry. Also I could really do with the new Maddie Animal style since it would be a great addition to my t-shirt bra collection.¬†

Curvy Kate


The Starlet in Tigerlilly, The Carmen in Rose and The Portia in Lime/Rose.¬†This SS14 I feel like so many lingerie brands got back in the business with a BANG. One of those brands were definitely Curvy Kate which has been a favourite of mine since forever. Sadly AW13 brought nothing new to me and I ended up skipping the CK collection all together. However they are definitely back with one of their strongest collections and I’ll be especially curious to see if I had a better luck with this new Portia colourway. My seafoam Portia unfortunately died after a couple of months of wear so I’m curious to see whether the new Portia will live a little longer. Also the fit of their new collection intrigues me a lot so we’ll see… I’m ready to get surprised ūüėČ

These were my favourite styles for SS14 and I’m hoping to be trying out at least a few of them and add a couple to my lingerie drawers.¬†What styles and/or collections are you most looking forward to for SS14?

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