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Say YES to Undress: Full-Bust Bridal Lingerie Finds at Moda SS17

30 Jan

I don’t know exactly how to start this post but by the title you may have guessed it – I got engaged over the weekend! We have been together with my Mr for over three years and have been talking about getting married for a while now. It has been kind of a joke for me to say “Oh marry me already” when he has been particularly lovely and on Friday, it was his turn to actually, seriously ask the same question. So, I am wearing the most beautiful engagement/wedding ring on my finger now and I still cannot believe it’s real life – it still feels like playing some kind of weird dress-up!

If I wasn’t living in a smaller city, I would actually probably be a wedding planner and now that I have finally the permission to plan my own wedding, I am so ecstatic. I will start this happy engagement period of a little over a year with bringing you (and me!) the most delicious bridal lingerieof this spring 2017 season. However, there will be many more round-ups to come in the future, so try to stay patient for my sake!

Disclosure: These pics were taken at the Moda catwalk in August 2016. I am very aware of the gross cultural appropriation in the form of Native American dream catchers and head that were sadly worn as accessories on the runway. This is not cool in any way, but the purpose of the photos is to deliver the latest bridal trends to you and these were the only pics available. I am sorry and do not support wearing someone’s culture as an accessory.

The white on white trend has been floating around in the lingerie business forever – mainly because bridal lingerie is never out of fashion and always needed, but statistically white has also been on the top three when it comes to men’s lingerie colour preferences. Even though lingerie should, in my opinion, be bought first and foremost for oneself, there is nothing wrong with wanting to wear something that pleases your partner as well.

On a wedding night white historically symbolizes purity and virginity – which to me, is a bit disgusting as I am not a lamb to be sacrificed in some weird ritual. Or, that’s what I’d like to think (even though marriage has been exactly that, not even long ago)! However these days, we still wear white a LOT when it comes to our wedding attire and that is the chosen colour of my wedding dress and the lingerie I will be wearing as well. Maybe I’ll break the “pure and innocent” look with some red or gold, who knows! Anyway, here are a few examples of what you or I could be wearing on our big day, when it finally comes.



Adina Reay is one of the newer more luxurious options for us fuller busted brides. The prices are a bit up there for a bride on a budget, but the materials are pure heaven and the quality is breathtaking. I haven’t had the chance to try this brand for myself yet, but I’m super interested in their fit so if anyone has got any experience with them, please let me know! Even though I haven’t tried the pieces on, I have seen and touched them at the Moda show last August and have so much faith in this brand.

The two styles shown above are Pen in Champagne and Jess in Swan which are both part of the continuity line at Adina Reay. The prices are around £90-130 for a bra £50-80 co-ordinates which definitely put them into the luxury category, but I think full-busted brides need to have options. I also like the fact that the brand offers multiple different co-ordinate options, so you can choose whether to go for skimpy thong or an elegant high-waisted panty. The size range with Adina Reay is 30-36 DD-G, and S-L, which can unfortunately be a bit limiting.



If you are D+ girl on a budget, Freya might be a better option for you. This beautiful ensemble is called Sassy and goes up to GG-cup with the longline and up to H-cup with the padded balconette bra. The white on beige combination seems to be becoming more and more popular and I personally like the look a lot.

The one confusing thing is that the sample I was shown was a lot more beige than the stock picture above. I personally like the beige one a bit more, but maybe they tried to make it look a tiny bit more bridal? Who knows! This style isn’t available until March, but if history is to be trusted it will retail around £40-50 which is pretty good for a well-fitting strapless full-bust bra.



Parfait is another great option if you are looking for something comfortable in the D-G size range and like something traditionally feminine and sweet. The brand offers many beautiful options both in their continuity line but also in their fashion range. These are the two styles that caught my attention in this ss17 collection: let me introduce you to the pale rose Sandrene and white Irene. These styles are great for plus size brides as well, as they go up to 44 band and 4XL in the panties! They are perhaps not the most practical under your actual wedding dress but would be nice options for a romantic wedding night.



If I could choose absolutely anything for my wedding night, one of the strongest options would be Harlow & Fox. They are the essence of bridal glamour and actually carry a decent size range of 30-38 DD-G, XS-XL on their site. The Serena range in Ivory is utter perfection: it is made of the most beautiful embroideries, tulles and ostrich feathers – everything a vintage girl could want! The only limit for me buying this range is the price – even though Harlow & Fox may be well worth it, I cannot afford to drop 142€ on a bra, let alone 999 € on the kimono robe! A girl can dream though, right? Maybe I’ll get rich before 2018, hehe!

Here are some of my picks from the Moda show bridal offering – what do you think? What is your dream bridal lingerie ensemble like? Let me know in the comments!

Ava Lingerie – A Quick Overview / Pikainen katsaus Avan malleihin

3 Aug

As many of you have noticed I am on a bit of quest to find the best of Polish lingerie – and have already found so many wonderful brands and styles to try on and review. Today I will overview a few styles from a Polish lingerie brand called Ava. This brand offers great basics and lovely lacy styles for women with small and big busts. Ava offers different styles to suit a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it a great option for many girls on a tighter budget. I am wearing a 70I in these bras (32G in UK sizes) and I would suggest everyone to size up in the band and stick with your regular cup size. The sizes go up to EU J-cup.

DSC_0009 DSC_0017
This style is called Orne and it’s a basic blush beige bra by Ava. When looking at the stock photos Orne wasn’t something I would have jumped up and down for, but when I got it on, I truly fell in love with it. The look is great for everyday and the colour is more blush pink than beige actually. I really like the cup construction as it gives me tons of lift and a lovely curved shape. The upper material of the bra is stretch lace which is great for accommodating a-symmetrical boobs. The bra is also very pretty – it would probably be one of my safest choices under light-coloured clothing. 

This style doesn’t have a name decided by Ava but at Lumingerie (where I got to try on these bras) we decided to go for the name “Pearl”. It’s Ava’s basic strapless style that is also great option for brides as it’s an off-white colour and features some lovely rhinestones and lace. I personally am not a big fan of the shape but it’s not the worst I can get – it actually reminds me of the “Evie” by Panache which is very popular style for a strapless. The band features silicone strips to keep the bra from shifting downwards.

Blois is a nursing bra with underwires and drop cups. I think it’s a pretty boss option for those looking for a comfortable good-looking wired nursing bra. The bra felt great on and features a cotton lining inside the cups to make them as comfortable as possible. The drop cup is easy to use with a single hand and the cups are quite stretchy to accommodate size fluctuation. Of course, I am not a mother yet but if I were, this would definitely be a bra on my shopping list.

What do you think of Ava and their styles? Which one would you like to try on? Let me know in the comments! xx

Disclosure: I tried on these bras at Lumingerie where I worked for the summer. This does not affect my opinion on the bras and I simply wanted to show them to you here on my blog. I was not compensated for this post.


Suomeksi: Olin töissä Lumingeriella tämän kesän ja saimme varastolle testiin muutaman mallin Avan liivejä. Ava on puolalainen alusvaatebrändi, joka valmistaa hyvinistuvia malleja naisille, jotka shoppailevat hieman tiukemmalla budjetilla. Ylläolevissa kuvissa teille olisi pientä maistiaista siitä, mitä malleja Lumingeriella on valikoimissa ja on vielä tulossa valikoimaan Avalta. Kaikkia malleja kokeilin koossa 70I, joka vastaa UK-kokoa 32G. Suosittelisin siis jokaista kokeilemaan rinnakkaiskokoa isommalla ympäryksellä, sillä ympärykset Avan liiveissä ovat tiukahkot. Kokoja on tarjolla EU J-kuppiin asti,

Kokeilin kolmea eri mallia: Ornea, Pearlia ja Bloisia. Kaikki mallit istuivat hyvin samassa koossa, joten epäloogisuus eri mallien välillä ei pitäisi olla ongelma näitten liivien kanssa. 

Omaksi lemppariksi muodostui ehdottomasti Orne – ihana perusliivi vaaleiden vaatteiden alle. Väri on enemmänkin puuterinen pinkki kuin beige, eli näyttää hieman nätimmältä kuin perus beiget mummoliivit. Myös muoto oli todella kiva – oikein tuettu ja melko luonnollinen. Parasta liivissä oli kuitenkin sen rinnan muotoa myötäilevä pitsi – tällä on helppo tasoittaa rintojen välisiä kokoeroja!

Toisena liivinä kokeilin olkaimentonta Pearlia, joka on oiva vaihtoehto niin morsiamille kuin muille valkoisten liivien ystäville. Muoto ei välttämättä ole se pyörein mutta liivit tuntuivat tukevilta yllä ja pysyivät hyvin päällä silikoni-nauhojensa vuoksi.

Viimeisessä kuvassa kaarituellinen imetysliivi Blois. Blois tuntui todella mukavalta päällä ja antoi rinnoille ihanan pyöreän muodon sekä riittävästi peittävyyttä. Liivi on varustettu avattavilla kupeilla sekä vuorattu pehmeällä puuvillalla taatakseen parhaimman käyttömukavuuden. Itsellä ei vielä lapsia ole mutta mielestäni vaikuttaa oikein hyvältä vaihtoehdoilta imettäville äideille, jotka haluavat kaarituellisen imetysliivin!

Mitäs mieltä te olette Avan malleista? Löytyykö jotain, mitä voisitte itsekin kokeilla! Heittäkäähän kommentia tuonne boksiin! 🙂

HUOM: Kokeilin näitä liivejä töissä Lumingeriella mutta en omista niistä yhtään antaakseni tarkempia tietoja esim. käyttömukavuudesta. Työskentelyni Lumingeriella ei vaikuta mielipiteeseeni liiveistä vaan halusin esitellä ne teille omasta tahdostani blogissani. Minua ei ole kompensoitu postauksesta.

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