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Party-time Basics: Review of Curvy Kate “Luxe” Strapless in 30H

8 Jul

Are you by chance having a celebration this summer? I know it’s already July but I am sure there are still plenty of summer weddings and other festivities left for this summer season! In fact, I have a little celebration of my own tomorrow – I graduated as a Bachelor of Education with a masters in Educational Psychology and now I am throwing a BBQ for it! I am super excited and I got way better grades than I thought I would get. The Finnish uni grades go from 1 to 5, with 5 being best and I got 4 from my major and also from all my minors (gender studies, health science & fine arts) – so I am more than pleased as I just wanted to get through it all without losing my sanity. Well, enough of rambling, I am sure you are here for something else!

As we full-busted gals attend parties, especially in the summer, we may want to wear that cute strapless dress like any gal; but that my dearies, requires a strapless bra as you know. When I was a 30FF I actually still found it quite easy to find supportive strapless bras but after I crossed the dreaded G-cup barrier, there weren’t many options anymore. When Curvy Kate came out with their Luxe strapless, I was sure to get my hands on it as it promised great support in the biggest cup sizes as well. I got my first Luxe a year ago but unfortunately picked a wrong size for vanity reasons – yes that happens to us bra bloggers as well. This is why I was so pleased when Curvy, an Australian bra retailer, offered to send me the Luxe set alongside my Tease camisole. Here’s how I liked this convenient little friend…

The Design: Let’s face it – no beige strapless bra is ever going to be particularly pretty. It’s just the simple truth and there is no way around it. I think Curvy Kate did a pretty good job with the Luxe though; it’s not hideous and even though it is pretty plain (as a basic bra should be), there are some nice touches to it like the pinstripe pattern of the bra band and the fabric-coated buttons at the centre gore. The hue is not the best for me as I am much more “pink” thank the creamy butter-y shade of the Luxe “Biscotti” shade. But who am I to complain – I am pretty sure there are no D+ strapless bras for women of colour, so I am lucky to even get close to my own skin tone with this bra! I haven’t tried it with any white shirts or dresses so I cannot say whether it would show through but it’s not the most discreet of bras anyway.

The shape of the Luxe is absolutely amazing and I love how rounded CK managed to make it. Most D+ straplesses give a kind of deflated conical look which is less than ideal, meaning CK definitely set their product apart from other full-bust offerings in the market. The cups are made with a three part cup construction with two vertical seams, which unfortunately show through a bit if you are wearing eg a thinner jersey fabric over it. However, if I could choose between this and the Freya Deco, the Luxe would win 6-0 as it gives a better shape, fits me quite well and is comfortable to wear even for several hours.

The Fit: I went for my regular Curvy Kate size 30H with the Luxe this time and it’s definitely a right choice. I tell you: DO NOT compromise on fit if you are debating whether to get the bigger size that fits better or the smaller size that fits okay but looks nicer as it gives less coverage. IT WILL NOT WORK. I can’t stress this enough: The bigger cup size made all the difference to me as the smaller cups were pushed by my boobs downwards and I ended up tucking and adjusting the 30GG multiple times a day. Not a fun job to do on a night out! The 30H fits me very well and even though the band is a bit tighter than with your usual CK bra, I like it that way as I hate having a strapless falling down my body.

When it comes to wires and cup depth, I feel the Luxe is a bit different from what I am used to from CK: the wires actually hit me at the perfect spot, right at my breast root. Even though the cups are a bit deeper too, you can see some shallowness at the bottom of them, as the cup foam is collapsing a tiny bit. I am not bothered by this though and I am happy how much there is actually space for my boobs at the top of the cups – they are really nice on an evenly full shape but also suit full-on-top breast quite well!

Comfort: I had pretty darn high expectations for this bra when it released as so many bloggers and CK itself claimed it to be a life-changing miracle-worker – so when I bought my first Luxe in 30GG, you may have guessed it, I was a bit disappointed. I am so glad that I got to try the 30H now though as it has changed my opinion on the bra entirely – it truly is one of the best strapless bras I have tried in my life. The materials are very soft and feel nice on even during the hotter months of summer. The wires reach me just at my breast root, meaning they don’t poke me in the armpit causing irritation. The band is quite wide with four hooks and eyes, so it is definitely supportive enough for my H-cup boobies. My only gripe with the bra is that there is little piece of extra boning on the band that can get a bit poke-y during the day, but I am guessing it’s there so the wider band wouldn’t flip up or roll around.

I also received the Luxe thong in size 10 with the bra and I can report that it is a very comfy option for someone looking for a regular beige thong to wear under eg white trousers. I never ever wear a thong anymore so it’s not something I will reach for often, but it is a good thing to have in your lingerie wardrobe when the occasion comes. The materials of the thong are very sleek and stretchy so the size 10 was spot on for me. The rise is pretty regular but on the lower side so if you like a more hipster style with higher rise, you may want to skip this.

If you are getting married this summer, or attending summer party in a strapless dress, I would very much recommend the Luxe to any D+ bride / guest out there. The size range of the bra is a whopping 28-38 D-J which is incredible in my opinion! If you would like to get your very own Luxe, it retails for 94,99 AUD at Curvy and comes in both Black and Biscotti. You also have a chance of winning a set of your choice from Curvy, so take a look at the giveaway instructions hereHave you tried the Luxe yet? Which strapless bra do you like the best? Let me know in the comments! xx

Swimwear Review: Curvy Kate “Siren” Swimsuit in 32GG

26 May

Hi everyone and greetings from Split, Croatia! After a few bumps on our road (our Helsinki-Oulu flight was cancelled so we stayed a night at the Helsinki airport) we finally got back home and I have to say, even though it was one of the most awesome trips I’ve ever been to, it is always lovely to be home. Without further a do, I will introduce you to a beauty I had with me on the shores of Split – the amazing Curvy Kate “Siren” one-piece swimsuit. This little number was kindly sent to me by the Curvy Kate team, but all opinions are my own!

The Design: How amazing does the coral shade look against the turquoise ocean?! Bloody damn amazing, if you ask me! I have been lusting after this particular swimsuit since I first saw it at Moda a while back. The scallop cut details remind me of Ariel the little mermaid and also give the suit its playful and pinup-y look. There is also a waistband at the middle which gives the swimsuit a more structured look and nips you in at the waist. The coral colour would look amazing on someone a bit more tanned than me (I know, I am white as a chicken throughout the year!) but I think it suits us paler girls as well and looks especially good with ginger hair like mine – and CK’s own model Lottie!

The shape of the Siren is based on the Curvy Kate “Luxe” strapless bra (which I’m still yet to review though I do own one!) which has been a big hit among many full-busted gals out there. I first did not like the whole thing: but apparently, I had bought the wrong size of 30GG with the Luxe (I bought it in a hope of less coverage – bad decision!) which meant the too small cups were pushing the bra down and thus it felt a bit comfortable on me. Now, I sized up to 32GG with the Siren – first of all because I like my swimsuits a bit looser in the bodice and back – and the bigger cups fitted me much better and gave me a lovely rounded shape. There is also some leeway to make this suit fit your body the best way possible with some detachable straps and laces on the hips to adjust the rise of the leg. At the back there is a regular (though a bit wider) bikini clasp to close the band.

The Fit: As I said, the 32GG was definitely the right choice for me with this one-piece. I consulted Chantelle at the Curvy Kate HQ whether I should go for 30H or 32GG and she recommended that I would size up in the band with this one, as it ran a bit tighter than your usual CK bra. This holds quite true and also, we need to remember that most brands do make their swim tops a bit tighter in the band to remain supportive when getting wet ie stretching out. The whole bodice was very comfortable on my body in the 32-band so I would say it suits someone in the UK 10-14 range the best (I am wear mostly 12 these days).

When it comes to cups, the Siren runs very true-to-size for Curvy Kate. So I would suggest taking your regular UK bra size unless you prefer your swim top bands a little bit more comfy like I do. The wires are actually quite narrow for CK which is a pleasant surprise and the cups also quite a lot deeper to contain all my full breast tissue. I love how stretchy the whole bodice is and also the way the sides can be adjusted by pulling the laces a bit – I personally prefer a a more ‘vintage’ look with a lower leg but especially if you have curves on your hips, the sides would look fabulous with a higher leg as well.

Comfort: I cannot praise this swimsuit enough for its comfiness! When thinking about swimming in it – cause I did swim even though the Adriatic was a bit cold at first – I cannot really think of anything that would have bothered me, at all. The Siren stayed on like a dream even without straps and did not move an inch on my body. I am used to lifting and adjusting my other strapless swimsuits so it was kind of a miracle that I did not have to pull the upper part of the suit up at all. Here’s where I have to stress that the right size makes all the difference with strapless bras and swimsuits – if you skimp on the size, it is no doubt going to end up feeling a bit uncomfortable and you have to make adjustments during your swim and especially when getting out of the water.

Some gals are a bit afraid of swimsuits with wires as they feel it makes the suit look a bit “old” and “granny-ish” but also feel uncomfortable. With the Siren swimsuit the wires are hidden inside the suit so they won’t appear on the outside but will give you phenomenal lift without anyone knowing there’s hardware in your suit! The wires are also the perfect length and width for me personally (I have a pretty average breast root) so I had no trouble with them poking or rubbing my armpits in anyway.

If you are looking for a cute pinup-appropriate swimsuit for a full-busted curvy figure, I would definitely recommend the Curvy Kate Siren. It is truly one of the best swimsuits I own and I am sure to wear it multiple times this summer! If you would like to give the Siren a try, it comes in sizes 28-38 D-J and retails for around £50 on SimplyBe, HerRoom, Figleaves & Brastop.

THE strapless bra by Debenhams

17 Jun

Hello, I’m back to business and ready to review again. As I promised you, I have three bras to review since my trip to Dublin. As you all may know Dublin and Ireland in general have a great selection of British clothing chains and department stores which are known to be great for gals with fuller bust. You can simply compare three worldwide chains: H&M, Forever 21 and Oasis. First one is Swedish which mean practically no boob room. Second one, American: no boob room whatsoever. Third one: British heaven on boobs. I could literally move to Britain or Ireland just for their fashion industry. But yeah, more about that later since I bought a LOT of clothes that need to be introduced to you.

I already knew that stores like Debenhams and M&S would carry my bra size even though they don’t carry 28 backs. That was quite ok cause I learned that for me their 30 backs were just fine, depending on the style of bra of course. I opted for two bras at Debenhams: one push-up that had a fun print on it and one pretty basic strapless. Both were by their own label (called Gorgeous) so I was curious to see how they differed from my beloved Freyas, CKs and Cleos. 

Design: I actually hated the idea of a plain boring NUDE strapless so when I saw this bra hanging on the wall I was like “HALLELUJAH GOD HAS HEARD MY PRAISES!” After considering the black colour for a while I decided to go for it since I hardly ever wear anything pastel coloured or white. I also adored the beautiful lace on the bottom half of the bra which makes it look super-luxe. 

The shape of the bra looked also great, very rounded but not like two big balloons. I usually tend to get a kind of droopy or a downwards pointed look from strapless bras so I was in heaven when I tried it on and it looked amazing under clothes. The bra comes with two straps so it’s really versatile and can be worn as a regular bra also. ImageImageImage

Fit: This bra is a 30FF which is my regular size so I can tell you that Debenhams bras are pretty consistent on sizing (I tried on a bunch of bras so it was proved). One thing I noticed though is that this bra’s band was a little tighter than usual but I think it’s due to the fact it is a strapless and CANNOT move around. It had also those small silicon strips on top and on bottom of the bra to prevent it from sliding down. 

I have worn this bra twice now and both times it did not move around during the day. The band is very sturdy, almost like a 28 back. The foam of the bra was quite thick so that must be considered when buying a bra for a certain outfit/dress since not all dresses can handle this much foam. It actually adds a bit of volume to my own breasts which I don’t personally mind but someone might, so be warned. 

To me the thickness of the material was actually a plus since my boobs tend to lack fullness on their bottom half and that is what usually causes some folding of the cup. In my case it’s not too narrow wires that cause the orange-in-a-glass effect, it’s just that I can’t usually fill the bottom part of molded cups. This bra’s material was so stiff and the shape was so good that I didn’t experience any folding whatsoever and was really pleased the way the bra looked on me even in the end of a day.



Comfort: I must say this bra is comfortable enough but it could have a bit narrower wires. As I removed the bra I noticed some red marks about 1 cm away from my breast tissue which was a bit sad but not enough to part me from this beauty. The wires also come up quite high so I suffered from poking on my ribs. It’s not that bad though so I probably try to bend the wires a bit and see what happens. 

Apart from the tricky wires this bra is pretty comfortable for a strapless one. I didn’t have to adjust it at all during the day since it did not move around or slide down. The silicon strips were quite invisible as well and did not cause any itching or rubbing. 

For a 37 e bra this black beauty was great value for money and is so far the best and the prettiest strapless I’ve ever tried on.


Summer dresses special: The nude dress

16 May


This dress was bought when I graduated from junior high so it’s an oldie but a goodie. I actually didn’t wear it for a long time but then I decided to alter it by hand and now it’s about two sizes smaller and a couple of inches shorter than the original version.

What is quite tricky about this specific style is that the straps are quite narrow and that is why I SHOULD ideally wear a strapless bra with it. This however was not possible for my bra  wardrobe has no strapless bras in it (major fault, must be corrected, any suggestions?). What I wore instead was my Curvy Kate Smoothie since it is after all a nude bra and the shape suits this dress really well. The nude straps that could be seen didn’t really bother me since they were the same colour as the dress.

When you’re wearing a neckline such as this (almost square-y, low-cut) you must wear either a balconette bra or a strapless since plunges and full-cups usually tend to come higher up than this kind of neckline. ImageImageImageI have not tested out this Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless nor Freya’s Deco strapless longline but I have heard a lot of good things about them so these could be good alternatives for my Smoothie. The colours are also perfect even though my dress wouldn’t necessarily require a nude nor a white bra because of it’s firm cotton fabric. As I mentioned before the quality of the fabric must always be considered while opting for the right bra. If you had a dress this style in a thinner fabric you could probably go for e.g. Cleo’s Lucy in white for it’s nice shape and low cut cups. However it’s all white and if you happen to have a bit darker skin tone you should consider something darker with a similar cut.ImageI hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you. It’ll be 22 C degress tomorrow here in Oulu so I’ll definitely be out in the sun, I suggest you do the same!

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