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When in London – Visiting the Mimi & You Lingerie Boutique

30 May

You all probably know my love for London by now – it is the city I always go back to, even after cheating with Liverpool, Dublin and Birmingham every now and then. London is also a great city to source some lush places to shop lingerie and when I noticed in the beginning of this year that a new shop called Mimi & You was opening in Finchley in North-West London, I knew I had to visit this little darling after saying a hello to my old friend Westfield Shopping Centre. To be honest, I just realised I hadn’t told you a bunch of things regarding my latest trip to town so as my next one is approaching in August, why not share with you what I saw and learned last time!DSC_0019DSC_0016DSC_0020DSC_0035
Anyway, I took a tube to Finchley and thought “Well, it can’t be that far from the station” so I took my leave and started to walk the Finchley Road from the Golders Green station. The lovely ladies running the boutique had adviced me to take a bus from the station but nope, I thought I was a great walker and would not mind walking a bit to the shop. Well, I am advicing you to take their word for taking the bus: Finchley Road is LONG AS HELL. So yeah, it took me like half an hour to get there after already walking several miles that day. Also, the whole Finchley area is not super posh or anything – I would say it’s more on the quirky side with the odd boutique here and there – so there was nothing particularly interesting to look at on the way to the shop. However, this is one of the reasons I love London – its gems are always a bit hidden and you really need to make an effort to find the good ones.

When I finally got to the boutique I was so happy to be greeted by the two lovely owners of the Mimi & You boutique. They were ever-so-charming and I chatted with them about lingerie, my blog and launching a lingerie shop and we had a blast talking over trying on some bras from their lovely selection. What I really liked about the shop was indeed the array of different brands and price ranges they had on offer. There was Tutti Rouge, Maison Lejaby and Evollove side by side which are all brands I really like for their aesthetics – Debra and Sally clearly have great taste! Also the decoration of the boutique was so charming and we all shared a love for vintage undergarments which Debra and Sally were looking for to create a certain feel to the shop.DSC_0024DSC_0027DSC_0030DSC_0028
The whole point of Mimi & You is to offer their customers the best service they can get and even though I am usually always treated with some extra care from the lingerie professionals for writing this blog, I really got a great first impression on how the ladies treated their customers. For example, they mentioned that they did not want their customer to feel pressured to buy anything as that is not an ethical or even a financially beneficial way to work. As a bra fitter myself, I find this very reassuring as I want everyone’s lingerie buying experience to be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

If you are in the area or just visiting London, I would highly recommend Mimi & You to anyone regardless of their financial status, age, race or preferences as they truly have something to offer for everyone. Whether it’s basics or frillies, these ladies got you! You can find the boutique at 4 Monkville Parade, Finchley Road.

What are your favourite brick & mortar lingerie boutiques? Do you rather shop in an actual boutique or online? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclosure: This post is in no way sponsored, I am just very impressed by the service and the shop offering and I want people to find the best places to shop for their lingerie 🙂 *


6 Sep

Ok, me is back from the city. And I loved it! I’m not sure whether you enjoy my non-boob related posts (which have been pretty much non-existent til now, I might remind you) BUT here’s one now which just needs to be written after such a trip. If anyone’s ever heard of New York, here are some myths that got busted but also some facts that many of you already know. On to the point, shall we?


  • New York stinks and is nowhere near posh

I’m sorry, you must have had your Sex and the City illusions going on in your head but nope, it’s one hell of a dirty city. And the noise is just beyond compare! There’s pretty much everything on the streets; garbage, puke, shit and pee. I must admit 5th Avenue’s uptown parts were a little bit more posh and rich-looking but otherwise, get use to a big hot mess.


  • When someone shouts “BUS TOUR”, take one

I know it’s pretty cliched tourist stuff but hell, it was so much easier to make your way through the city by foot after seeing all that stuff from up high. The weather is also lovely in September which meant we had a lot of sun and enjoyed our ride. These tours are nowhere near boring since they offer an audio guide with a lot off pop quiz knowledge you never knew before.


  • Take also a manicure, they’re cheap

Cheap, well-done and quick! What more can you hope for? Mine cost 10$ plus tips.


  • The food’s nasty… but delicious!

I mean how much sugar and fat can you cram into your daily meal? A lot, apparently. Geez man, NYC food is like every food fantasy you ever had. For one day, that is, since after that you become to crave salad and chicken breasts. That’s how overwhelming and disgusting it all gets. Plus I have to mention the stereotypical use of garlic in their “Italian” dishes, it’s just pure madness (to me at least, I’m allergic).


  • Everything’s massive

It truly is and what has to be said, money talks big time in this city. It’s kinda silly but on the other hand totally glorious.  I could so see myself living in this city just because I like the buzz and how everything is done with an enormous amount of effort.


  • Service is AMAZING

Well, depending on the store of course but I mean those people rock serving customers. Always smiling, always paying compliments (the common people on streets do this too!) and always willing to chat for a while. And hey, they always seem to think Finland is cool! Though it’s not, I assure you.  Anyhow, I just love you NYC people, you make my day with your warmness and friendly laid-back touch to your work. I mean, dancing with a sales assistant was just one of the experiences I’ll always cherish.

  • Oh, those men

I could see them everywhere and boy did I enjoy every bit of them. With my eyes, of course!


  • And that fashion

Especially shoes, cheap comparing to Europe and the designs where amazing. If you want to experience some luxury shoe art, go to Bergdorf Goodman. I certainly felt I did not belong there but it was all worth it. For little less couture-y pieces with more affordable prices, try Macy’s. I bought a pair of BCBGeneration suede pumps for just 80$.

And for last but not the least… The lingerie knowledge sucks. Which you might have guessed already. Me + 36D (fitted by an Aerie fitter) is not a good equations. AND COME ON, no sizes beyond D in USA? Umm, miss, I gotta couple of suggestions for you, like Claudette perhaps. Well, in one sentence those girls didn’t know their stuff.



Taking over NYC: DD+ gal in the City

28 Aug

Am I superduper excited? Hell yeah. I’m taking off the day after tomorrow and packing is almost done! I’m actually worried as hell about spending 10 h in an airplane since me + hunger = not a great equation. I know, there will probably be some food around but STILL I’m worried I’m gonna turn into a total bitch. Luckily I have a great sister who has arranged a snack box for me! 😀 Precautions are always good to be done.

Okay, but to the point. I put together a holiday wardrobe which I’d like to show you since it’s always troubling to go somewhere super-hot, for me at least (please don’t kill me 30 C degrees!). Here are the pieces of clothing that’ll probably take me through that unbearable heat.


First outfit consists of my mom’s old t-shirt straight from the 90’s and cropped vintage Levi’s jeans. My style is actually a bit 90’s inspired so I think that this shirt is just amazing and besides that really comfy and well-cut. I usually have trouble finding shirts that flatter me and this is cut the way that my boobs actually fit in and have a fair amount of space to feel at ease. This is also a bit fitted at waist which is great for my straight figure since it gives me a bit of curves. The sunnies are H&M.


Ok, so my mom hates this shirt by Rihanna and River Island but I absolutely adore it. The cut is amazing since it covers my belly but reveals a flash of my back. I’m also a sucker for tie-dye so this was a must-buy for only 20 €. The necklace is from H&M and gives a little modern edge to the outfit.


This outfit was cheap as hell but looks great in my opinion at least. The vest top is by H&M and cost about 5 quids. I rarely wear anything sleeveless since I’m a bit conscious about my arms and shoulders but this time I just decided not to give a single fuck. The skirt is Jo’s and is bought from Gina Tricot. (Sorry darling, this is coming with me to NYC! And it’s never coming back to you btw.) I love it since it has a stretchy waistband that allows me to sit and still breathe.


I have a rule of 2+4+1 for traveling which means I usually take two bottoms, four tops and one playsuit/dress with me to make everything easier. Preferable those individual pieces of clothing should all be mixable. This Gina Tricot vest top is made out of lace and has a beautiful skull pattern on the backside. I’ll probably be wearing it with a black tank underneath but when it get’s really hot I just wear it with a cute bra (this time CK Portia). The necklace is H&M, once again.


Hmm, you can probably just read my face and tell that this is my ultimate favourite outfit of all time. It’s so simple, comfy and always works. The playsuit is by Oasis and did I already mention I LOVE IT? Well, I love it.

Okay, so here it is. Seven days, seven pieces of clothing. I know it sounds crazy and very little but I have always been travelling light since come on, I’m doing some serious shopping anyways. I need to fit all into my suitcase, right?

When it comes to underwear I always try to pack one beige bra to wear under light-coloured clothing and  a few non-padded bras to fit into a small space (my suitcase is tiny). This time I’m taking my CK Smoothie and Portia (comfiest bra I own, great for airplane), Cleo Marcie (always a safe option) and TR Betty (comfy and makes me happy).

That was it for this time, hope you liked my choices! What are your must-pack choices when travelling?

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