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Redefining “Sexy” – What’s up with the high-waisted knickers?

11 Oct

I had a really inconvenient experience yesterday in a swimming hall shower room. I was taking a shower before entering the pool area and put on my bikini – a high-waisted bikini bottom and Freya “Hello Sailor” bikini top. I thought “This is going well, no one has looked at me weirdly yet.” UNTIL, I had a feeling of two eyes staring at me from the other side of the room. It was a little girl, pre-puberty had just hit her clearly and she stared at me with amazement. In the moment I crossed her gaze she turned to her friend and whispered something to her “very” discreetly. I got another gaze and felt like I was about to scream “Yo, u little bitches, I’m damn hot in my high-waisted panties, deal with it!” 

I’m sorry, I called 11-year-olds “bitches” but I assure you, they can be quite cruel and rude to their peers and apparently to older people as well. The shamelessness. Anyways, the point is that those girls’ reactions were something I had expected. Which is kind of sad cause I honestly think my panties are hot as hell. BUT why is it that high-waisted briefs are regarded granny panties in today’s world?


To me, high-waisted briefs are actually the ultimate essence of hotness. Look at just Parfait’s bestseller Charlotte! Damn sexy and nowhere near granny. To me these panties represent the glamour feel of 50’s, the era when a high-waisted knicker was more of an essential piece of underwear than a piece worn by only a small group of women. 


Though I can’t wear What Katie Did’s bras I can still lust after their french knickers! These panties just have that something… Besides the looks highwaisted knickers are also extremely comfy. I’m not the most proud of my tummy area and I love how they hide it and keep the cookie pouch controlled. Also they make wearing tights a bit less lumpy!


Above: Huit “Icone” and eLai “Bijou


Also high-waisted knickers can give some underwear the right fun twist they need. I love how Claudette takes a sexy suspender brief to another level by the amazing colour combo and the high-rise cut. 

What do you think of high-waisted panties? Do you regard them more sexy than granny panties, or vice versa?

Five brands I lust for

11 Jul

As I entered the world of lingerie I found out about brands that I had never even heard of. I completely adore it when lingerie designers do something completely unique and make a girl feel like a princess. Here are some vintage-inspired brands I’d die to wear someday, even if some of them don’t make my size yet.

1. What Katie DidImage

I love love love this Marlene set besides the fact that I’m not a fan of bullet bras and the bra does not come in my size. Anyways, what I could try is the gorgeous girdle (64€) that could go fantastically with my Cleo Marcie in red. I’ve always loved red in lingerie so I would probably go for the seamed stockings as well. 

2. Kiss Me DeadlyImage

Another brand that don’t make my bra size BUT look at that Amelie suspender belt (£36)! Kiss Me Deadly makes amazing vintage-inspired lingerie that makes my stomach turn around for excitement. What I especially love about this brand is how some of their online store pics are created to imitate well-known children stories in a dangerous twisted way. 

3. Playful PromisesImage

Why, OH WHY, some brands only go up to DD? That bra is design-wise a gem but again that Paradise garter skirt is the one I would personally go for. I’d probably wear it with my CK Elegance or Smoothie since it’s such an easy to piece to match with any other black lingerie. This beauty is for 25 quids so for independent lingerie design piece it’s a real bargain. 

4. Fräulein AnnieImage

Fräulein Annie is relatively new brand offering amazing luxurious lingerie with a pretty good size range (UK 30-36 A-G). That means I won’t fall out of their size range for once, yey! However, with a little use of Google I couldn’t find that many online stores carrying the brand, so feel free to inform me if you know where to get your mittens on these lovely underkrackers. The picture above is featuring their wonderful Falling In Love set in Pearl which is available in a cinnamon-almond colourway at LargeCupLingerie.

5. Parfait AffinitasImage

I found about this particular set at another curvy girl blog Warning – Curves Ahead which reviewed this lovely set by Parfait. I absolutely love the fact that this one comes in my size and boy, those high-waisted briefs are to-die-for! I have not tried Parfait yet but it’s definitely on my to-do-list when my financial situation gets better (if it gets better, sigh..).

Have a happy Thursday, lovely readers! I’m gonna bake some brownies today and probably watch movies since it’s a lazy day ahead of me today. Enjoy yours, xx

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