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The best of the Polish lingerie brands – 2COP’s picks for the season

30 May

As I promised earlier this year, I will be digging into the world of Polish lingerie this year. I am always curious about new brands (even just new to me) so today I have been doing some research on the brands that I would like to try in the future. Most of these brands I have not personally tried yet but there are plenty of other bloggers who have reviewed them previously! If you see something you like, with a quick google search you can find plenty of info. If you want to make it super quick, just check out blogs such as CurvyWordy, WindieGardie and Miss Underpinnings (all found on my blog roll) who have reviewed many styles from a range of brands.

Avocado is a brand that I’ve been eyeing for a moment now and I especially loved the reviews that have been popping up all over the lingerie blogosphere, eg you can check out Miss Underpinnings and Bras and Body Image for this. Avocado doesn’t go all wild with fashion colourways or new ranges, instead they create classic lingerie for your everyday needs with a luxurious touch. 

I like the colours Avocado is using when creating lingerie – they use very basic colours including lovely blacks, beiges and reds but still make them look fresh and strong. I am just one of the fans of their lovely Nina, Reglisse (pictured above) and Caprice styles, the latest of them being a lovely “nude” bra with a golden glow. There will soon be a Avocado review up on the blog and I promise you will love their bras just as much as I love them!Image
Comexim is a fairly new brand to me also – so new that I haven’t had the chance to try them out quite yet! The brand is known for their uplifting padded bras that are crafted for a feminine taste. I myself love more their sexy and lacy styles but I think the majority of people go bananas for their cute floral prints and girly soft colours. My favourite from their recent collection is definitely the sultry Irish Coffee style that features a unique colour combo of dark brown satine and mesh and creamy lace detailing. 

Comexim seems like a pretty special and customer friendly company since they are willing to alter the bras just for your needs, by eg lowering the cups for less coverage or making a custom size for those needing it. I think this shows a lot of commitment to what they do and that they have a clever sense of customer valuation. 

Samanta is yet another brand I dying to try out this year! They have a stunning collection including these lovely “Blackcurrant” and “Rain” designs. I must say I am drooling over Rain so hard I’m having hard time to focus on writing. Focus! Both of these styles are from their Pret-a-porter collection and feature a ton of lovely lace embroidery, just the way I like it.

I must admit I have no idea how this brand fits or how the sizing works so I advice to check out Miss Underpinnings for that. However, I hope that I have the chance to try them out in the future and offer you more info so that you can start fangirling as well.

Ewa Michalak is well-known for their great fit and beautiful designs. I have been on the edge of ordering from them for so many times but haven’t had the guts to do it because of the problems they have had in the past with delivery etc. Today however my boyfriend placed an order on the lovely black SM Czarny Mgielka pictured above cause he wanted to treat me a little. It’s such a sexy style and I can’t wait to try it on! 

I think Ewa Michalak is great for those seeking for bigger sizes as well since they do have a custom order option. The brand also offers a variety of styles for everyday and night. The above pictured PL Slowianki is one the new styles that has caught my attention and speaks to my more girly side as the Mgielka brings out the sexy side of me. 

Ava is a brand that I got to know at work – I work in lingerie retail for this summer and I happened to see their new collection while my boss was picking the styles for next aw14 season. There were so many styles that I really liked and the price point was very affordable meaning this is a great brand for those seeking Polish lingerie in large cups on a budget. I think Ava uses the same kind of colour palette as Avocado but adds a little bit of dustier tones to it as well. This brand can definitely do a smokey grey or a silver and succeed in it! 

So this was my round up for the Polish brands I drool over, let me know which ones do you like! Also, if you have tips about their fit as well, leave me a comment 🙂 xx

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