Getting to know Avocado – Review of “Caprice” and “Annick In Love” in 70H

12 Jun

Hello everyone! You have NO IDEA how I’ve been struggling with my internet the past week. Today I got so sick of it that in my desperation I handed the whole thing to my boyfriend and somehow, magically he solved it all. Apparently, my Java needed an update. What a stupid blogger I am… Well, to the point. The reason I wanted to blog so much was that I have been owning a couple of wonderful bras from a Polish luxury brand Avocado and I wanted to review them as soon as possible after proper testing.

I became familiar with Avocado while reading Miss Underpinnings and she has a pretty amazing guide to the brand as well. I got a chance to try some of Avocado’s styles and was so excited since it was my first Polish brand to try. Today I’m introducing you to couple of their styles – the classic best-seller Caprice and their more fashion-forward style Annick In Love. 
When I first saw Caprice I thought what a pretty shade of beige it is. It’s not even beige really, more like a golden hue that has a lovely sheen to it. I am not too much into “nude” bras since I don’t wear much white and they don’t really complement my skin or natural colouring that well. This golden hue however is great for my skin tone, if not a bit too tanned. For this reason it’s a great shade for summer when my skin gets a bit darker. The lace is very luxurious and beautiful and for a beige bra, the design is quite gorgeous.

The shape that this bra gives me is quite natural, not too rounded or pointy but a lovely curved uplifted one. Polish bras are very well-known for their great uplift which makes them an awesome choice for big breasted women who need a bit of extra lift. Caprice is quite full-coverage and is constructed as A-shape (see Miss Underpinnings for the shape guide!). I like that Avocado has made the upper panel of the cup of sheer mesh since it gives it a bit more young look even though the cups come up quite high.

I asked for advice with sizing from Avocado and they opted for the best size for me according to my measurements. I got my bras in size 70H which cannot quite be converted to British size since Avocado (and all the Polish brands alike) has their own sizing system. I think this size converts approximately to a size 30GG in British sizing – however the whole feel of the bra is so different comparing it to British bras feels a bit off. Size 70 converts to a 32-band but I feel like in my size, the band feels more like a stretchy 30-band. The wires are quite narrow but don’t sit on my breast tissue so I’m suspecting I need narrow-to-medium width wires nowadays. It’s strange how your needs and preferences change when your shape and size changes!

I wore this bra for quite a while the first time I had it on – meaning it hadn’t stretched to fit my body that well yet and felt a bit tight on my ribs. The band left massive red marks on my upper body and the bra chaffed a bit too. However, after a few wears the bra has softened up quite a bit meaning it’s now rather comfy and I can easily wear it for several hours.

(Apparently, there’s an ice-cream stain on the bra, apologies for that!)

This style is called Annick In Love and it’s an Avocado K-shape, a balconette that offers the most lift of Avocado’s shapes. I personally feel this reminds a lot of Cleo bras – it gives me that phenomenal rounded shape that is great under shirts. The size 70H feels spot on again, although a bit more generous than with Caprice. I feel like Caprice would suit more full-on-bottom breasts whereas Annick in Love has a lot of depth also in the upper part of the cup. I have heard some people find the trimming on the edge of the cup restricting but it worked fine with my FOT breasts.

I really like the sheer fabric of AIL, it’s quite sexy yet fun and everyday-appropriate.I LOOOVE the colour combo and it’s also very on-trend as magenta is one of the most popular shades for next autumn. The bra also features little colourful bows that give the style a cute-ish look to it. Both of the bras feature three hooks and eyes for extra support and a secure feeling that lasts throughout the day.

All in all I am very impressed with Avocado and would love to try their other shapes in the future as well! Especially the sexy Nina makes my heart beat a bit faster and the shape looks like a great match for my own breast shape. I am also considering ordering their panties so if you have any suggestions about the sizing, let me know! Also, any other opinions/tips/tricks are always welcomed, so do leave me a comment below 😉

Disclosure: These bras were gifted for review purposes by the generous people of Avocado. All opinions are my own.

5 Responses to “Getting to know Avocado – Review of “Caprice” and “Annick In Love” in 70H”

  1. PetraZuri June 12, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    I have the Annick in Love in two colors. The black with green trim and the fuschia. I absolutely LOVE them. I also wear the 70H. The shape and uplift are excellent and they are so comfortable for me for all day wear. And the mesh is so lovely. I did have a problem at first with the straps being too short– I always need to wear straps set at the very longest no matter the manufacturer, so I am probably a special case. I was unable to adjust the straps to a comfortable length. When I wrote to tell them of my problem, the wonderful Paulina Giżycka at Avocado worked with me and graciously offered (of her own accord) for me to send the bras back so that they could change the straps to longer straps for me. Thanks to such wonderful customer service, I now have beautiful Avocado bras with straps that fit me.

    As for the knickers, the large works for me. I normally wear a large in US sizes and 14 in UK sizes. I do have the matching knickers in large for both of my AIL bras. And, yes, the set is beautiful.

    I will be interested to know how the Nina fits you. I tried it, but it didn’t work for me. I think the side of the cup was too high for me or something like that (and again the straps were super tight, but probably won’t be a problem for you).

    I am too looking forward to trying other Avocado styles. I am extremely impressed with the fit and workmanship. They not only make an excellent product, but also understand how to work with the customer to ensure that she gets exactly what she is looking for. Paulina was steadfast in assisting me (we had to navigate some unforeseen postal problems as well). They seem very dedicated to their customers. I highly recommend Avocado!

  2. Sian June 13, 2014 at 8:23 am #

    I’ve got the Caprice, and it’s become one of my favourite bras! I agree that it definitely loosens up after a couple of wears, and it’s now really comfortable for me to wear, it’s one of my go-tos on days where I can’t really be bothered as well as when I want a good uplifted shape.
    The Annick in Love is gorgeous and looks just amazing with your hair! I think I’ll be trying that one, or one similar in shape, soon because I definitely act more FOT in bras nowadays.
    I’ve also tried the Reglisse which is stunning but way too narrow for me in the wires – I need a definite medium width, sometimes slightly wide, and it’s definitely not made for my shape.
    Thanks for the review, think I’ve found my next new bra to try (not that I needed any more to add to my list!!).


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