Lingerie Review: Maison Lejaby “Féline” in 32G

13 May

You might remember me raving about Maison Lejaby a couple of months ago (click for my latest post on ML!) – when I last visited London I had the pleasure of trying on a few pieces at Mimi & You Lingerie boutique and I fell in love with their designs. During the same visit I did travel up to Birmingham where I had the chance to chat with Maison Lejaby’s UK & Ireland coordinator who introduced me even more to this lovely brand. Fast forward to today, I am now reviewing my first Maison Lejaby set here at 2COP. Maison Lejaby was so kind to send both me and Jo a set from their Elixir and Premium collections and today, I am reviewing the lovely Féline bra set from Maison Lejaby Elixir collection. Enjoy!

DSC_0159 DSC_0163
Design: To be honest, I was very nervous about Lejaby picking something for both of us and sending them to review as a complete mystery. I am a bit picky when it comes to my lingerie – there are some things I absolutely dislike so I was so anxious about getting something as a surprise. On the other hand, I do love surprises which made me very intrigued about the contents of my parcel. When it finally arrived in the post office and I ripped the packaging off I was so happy to be facing a set of sophisticated animal print in an unusual grey colour. Also the texture was lovely and unique – there were some bigger leopard spots at the top part of the cups which seem to raise ever-so-sligthly from the otherwise sleek fabric.

The construction of the bra is a very traditional plunge-balconette with a three-part cup and medium coverage. Féline gives me a decent amount of uplift and a very natural shape – this is a bra that I would recommend to anyone who wants something subtle under their clothes. It gives a rather rounded yet natural look and works well with most of my outfits.

DSC_0162 DSC_0172
The Fit: I asked for a size 32FF as this was the one that fitted me the best in another styles from Lejaby. However, as the parcel arrived I realized I had been sent a 32G instead of an FF so I was a bit nervous about the fit. These things happen sometimes when I get sent samples – someone accidentally sends me a wrong size and sometimes they fit, sometimes they don’t. In this case, the mistake was a blessing in disguise – the 32G fitted me super well! I do notice some slight gaping on my smaller boob but as we all know so well, the bra size should be opted by the size of one’s bigger boob. The unpadded style of the bra ensures though that the gaping in in no-way notable under shirts and dresses which makes it also a practical little number to wear for everyday. The 32G compares roughly to a regular, even large-ish British 32GG so this brand and particular bra run about a cup size or a cup size and a half bigger than usual!

As Maison Lejaby only makes 30-bands in a few styles, I was sent a bra with a 32 band instead. For a French brand, Maison Lejaby seems to be running very British when it comes to their bands – that is, very true-to-size. With my 30″ underbust measurement the band is in all honesty a bit loose but doesn’t ride up in the back even when worn in the loosest set of hooks. However, this may not be your sturdiest bras anyway – the materials are very stretchy meaning the whole ensemble is super comfy yet not the kind of to run a marathon with. In my opinion the band would be best for someone with a 32″ rib cage so on me, it is not the best size. However, I have worn this bra over the last couple of months each and every week so you can imagine how comfy it really is!

The underwires of Féline are a rather standard ones for a French brand – not as wide as with British bras but not as narrow as Polish. This works for me very well as my boobs are a very average width and don’t require super wide or narrow underwires.

Comfort: As mentioned before, the Féline is VERY comfortable and a stretchy little sucker. The band, the cups, the wiring and the straps are all made with comfort in mind – this makes the bra to adjust to your body and feel comfy when moving around. Even though this takes a bit away from the sturdyness of the bra it does give you a sense of not wearing one in the first place – which is something I aim for when I am at home chilling and still want to feel supported.

When it comes to the underwires, the Féline does a great job by staying low under the armpits to avoid any unpleasant chafing against your arms or pinching in the flesh under them. The wires are also just flexible enough to keep you comfy even riding a motorcycle, which some of you know to be my ultimate test for my bras (by the way, thank heavens for the mc season starting just now, I missed you Honda-babe <3). The straps can be quite stretchy as well but nothing near eg the Comexim “Irish Coffee” (click for the review!) I own. The straps are also rather long so if you are even slightly more on the petite side, this could cause you some problems. I have adjusted mine to the tightest they can go and this is the right length of straps for me with Féline.

I was also sent the Brazilian brief in size 2 to match my Féline bra. My bf is probably the biggest fan of Brazilians so he was happy and to be honest, for a Brazilian this panty is a rather comfortable little number. The size 2 is a french size which translates roughly to a UK size 10-12 (not sure though, enlighten me if I got it wrong!). The back of the Brazilian leaves a seamless finish so if you are a great jeans-wearer, this could be just the knicker style for you.

When it comes to getting your hands on Maison Lejaby, I would say your local brick and mortar boutiques and department stores are the best to look into. I tried to look for Féline online and found this one place where you can get your hands on it for a reduced price even. The online store is a french one called Les Dessous Chics but it translates mostly to English as well and sells Féline bra for a rather great price of 53,83€. Even though Maison Lejaby is a bit more in the luxury category both for quality and price, the course of the pound is horrendous to anyone who doesn’t live in UK. This actually takes the Maison Lejaby pretty close to its British rivals when it comes to € price and sometimes even a more affordable choice compared to other full-bust mid-priced bras.

How do you feel about Maison Lejaby? Have you tried them and if so, how do you find the quality and fit? I would love to know a second opinion to mine so let me know in the comments! xx

7 Responses to “Lingerie Review: Maison Lejaby “Féline” in 32G”

  1. Florence N. May 13, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

    This looks lovely on you! Sophisticated animal print indeed. I wish it came in 30s or 28s! Do you think a Rixie clip or alteration would help you with the looser band?

    • Sophie May 13, 2015 at 2:40 pm #

      Hmm, I think you could try an alteration or a Rixie Clip! I have never tried it myself so can’t tell how it works but if you need any specific info about the band width or something, I am more than happy to oblige 😉 xx

      • Irene May 14, 2015 at 9:45 am #

        Sophie this bra looks fabulous on you !! i am the agent for Maison Lejaby in Ireland.
        Just to let you lovers of Elixir know that we do have some 30 backs !! in our Full Cups we have 30 G and in our Balcony style we have 30 DD, 30 E and 30 F.
        unfortunately we don’t manufacture FF cups at the moment !!
        Keep loving the brand as it is amazing !!!!

      • Sophie May 14, 2015 at 9:52 am #

        Hi Irene! Thank you for commenting and letting us know about the 30 backs. That is fantastic! I emailed with Stephen yesterday as well and he told me the same thing so I already edited the post a bit 😉 I would love to see how the 30 bands work in flesh – my guest blogger had the same issue with the 32D so I am guessing a 30DD would be the best size for her instead. Good to know that is truly is an option! Her review on the 32D Crystal is coming up probably next week so stay tuned xx

  2. anna May 25, 2015 at 12:49 pm #

    Pakko tulla kommentoimaan kun löysin blogisi, toivottavasti ei haittaa että kirjoitan suomeksi 🙂 Harmittaa etten löytäny tätä blogia ennekuin kävin rintsikoita ostamassa, nimittäin tuo freyan deco arvostelu olisi ollut todella hyvä katsoa ennen sitä 😀 meni yritys pieleen käydä elämän ensimmäiset hyvän rintsikat ostamassa. Ennen käytin kokoa 75F jonka tiesin kyllä olevan väärä, sokoksella möivät minulle freyan deco liivit kokoa 70I. Vaikka kaupassa tuntuivat melko napakalle, olisi pitänyt ehkä oottaa jopa kokoa 65, koska saa olla nostelemassa liivin ympärystä takaisin ylös! Ja tosiaan, nyt käytössä alkanut huomata että mulla taitaa olla liian riippuvat rinnat tuohon liivimalliin, kun pitää vähän väliä työnnellä takaisin etteivät pullahda ulos :p menipä ne rahat sitten hukkaan. Tykkään kyllä tosi paljon freyan liiveistä ulkonäöllisesti ja olisi kai itse pitäny tajuta kattoa jotain muuta mallia. Olivat elämäni ekat liivit jotka olivat ns kalliimmat. Ajattelin ottaa uusiksi ja käydä liiviliikkeessä, osaatko sanoa kun olen melko untuvikko että onko freyalla liivejä jotka sopisivat hieman ‘riippurinnoille’ tai alapainotteisille kuten taisit sanoa. Luultavasti tuon keskiosankin pitäisi olla vähän pitempi kuin tuossa deco mallissa ja kupit mielellään sellaiset ettei mitään pullahda ulos :p
    Tosi mukava lukea suomalaisen bloggaajan alusvaatejuttuja, kiitos siitä 🙂 tykkään blogistasi paljon.

    • Sophie May 25, 2015 at 9:26 pm #

      Moikka ja kiitos kehuista, tuntuu kyllä mukavalta saada niitä suomalaiselta lukijalta 🙂 Olet ihan oikeassa, että Deco ei välttämättä sovi hirveän hyvin pehmeille rinnoille – ne kun tuppaavat tulemaan ulos kupeista ihan urakalla päivän mittaan! Ei ollenkaan sinun vikasi vaan ette vain sovi mallin kanssa yhteen 😉 Oletko käynyt katsomassa tämän postauksen Freyan toppaamattomista Ooh La La liiveistä? tuon malliset voisivat sopia sinulle paremmin! Toppaamaton kuppi kerää mukavasti kaiken rintakudoksen kyytiin ja pitää sen paikoillaan ilman ylimääräistä pursuilua. Tuolta Clara Olivia nettikaupasta saa muuten 20% alennusta kun käytät koodia 2cakes20 😉 Jos haluat kuitenkin tukea suomalaista niin Lumingerie on oikein hyvä ja osaava nettikauppa! Heillä on paljon Freyan malleja ja lisäksi muitakin tosi kivoja merkkejä. Omistaja auttaa varmasti mielellään oikean koon valinnassa ja tosiaan, 65J voisi olla sitten seuraava koko, jota kokeilla (Suomessa myytävissä Freyoissa on EU-koot, joten brittikaupoissa se vastaa kokoa 30GG eli samaa, jota minä heidän liiveistä käytän). Toivottavasti tästä oli apua! 🙂 xx


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