Custom-Made Lingerie by Impish Lee – A Review

12 Nov

Hi there folks! How are you doing? I am doing fabulous, just started my own business so been busy busy busy! I am now doing burlesque full-time, which means teaching classes and workshops, performing and producing. I am absolutely having time of my life! Still, I would like to keep the ol’ blog alive and get back to you from time to time. This time for an excellent reason!

Recently I got approached by the amazing ladies at Impish Lee, who I have written about in the past as well. Since then, the brand has grown to be quite an Instagram phenomena with its body positive imagery and a fresh take on luxury lingerie. I have been a fan since day one (thanks to my friend Jessica at Warning, Curves Ahead!) and now I got to try one their custom-made sets myself. I was so excited! *This set was sent to me as a gift by Impish Lee. All opinions are my own.*


The process of ordering from Impish Lee is a bit different, if you go for a custom-made set. When I say custom-made, I mean that the customer is able to put together a completely original look choosing all of their own materials and colours. The sizes are not custom per se, but the brand has a pretty good selection of sizes going up US J-cup. Their size calculator seems to be up to par as well, even though calculators may not work for everyone, as we well know.

Impish Lee offers ready-to-wear sets but if you have the chance to try them, I would gladly recommend trying the set customizer. Their variety of fabrics, colours and design choices is very vast and I had a ton of fun choosing my exact materials! Impish Lee offers 16 different top options and 11 bottom options, meaning there is a lot of things you can do with your design. I went with a balconette bra and high-waisted short, as it was obvious to me that a set this special was going to end up on stage – I don’t like skimpy costumes on stage so I wanted go for a more retro flirty look with the pants.


The materials range from more everyday fabrics like modal to luxurious velvets and shiny options as well. I decided to use velvet as my main fabric choice, because of the rarity of it in full-bust lingerie. I loved the rich shades of fuschia and burgundy and decided to pair them with a classic black ornament pattern. I decorated the set with a couple of cute bows and that was it!

The Pricing of the set depends on what you choose as your garments – meaning that more simple designs such as tank tops and thongs are less expensive than longline bras and underskirts or shorts. This way you can alter the price of your set and get something custom-made depending on your budget. However, custom lingerie is never cheap and nor should it be. Impish Lee produces its designs ethically in USA and it’s a woman-led business creating something very unique in a vast size range. This alone makes it worth every penny.


The Quality of the set¬†is also very noticable – there are no loose ends or cheap materials and overall the set feels very well made. It is sturdy and offers me good support. The velvets are very plush and overall the materials feel great on my skin, even with a bad skin condition. The cups have a fairly good amount of depth to them, which is rare for an American brand. The straps get a special mention with this bra, as they have been placed quite well for a balconette bra. These don’t fall off my shoulders and still, the bra is not a full-cup but a true balconette. Other brands, listen and learn! The shape of the bra is also quite lovely, yet more on the natural side so not ultra round. This may put off some customers but I really like the shape the bra gives me.

The Sizing of the brand is a regular US sizing, meaning it’s pretty similar to EU-sizing after F-cup. As a result from the calculator, I got a 32I but resulted in ordering a 32J according to my ususal size. This is a rough equivalent to a size UK 32GG. I was right with my choice and am happy with the size! The pants go by US sizing as well, so keep that in mind if you are more familiar with EU or UK sizing. For example a US 8 is a UK 12.

My overall experience with the brand as people and as lingerie-makers has been extremely positive. They were darling even with all my hassles with the Finnish customs office (which is a absolute dumpster btw) and have been very helpful along with the process of making my own set. I cannot recommend this company enough! I know I blog extremely rarely these days, but when I do, I like to promote brands that actually earn it. This was definitely one of them!

What do you think of my colour and material choices? What would you choose for your very own custom set? Let me know in the comments!


Introducing Rougette by Tutti Rouge – Affordable bras, bralettes & bodysuits for the full-busted

16 Jul

Tutti Rouge has been one of go-to brands in the past, when I want something to delight me and make me smile. They know how to do prints and their prices are very affordable, so the styles are available to most wallets and also to many sizes. Sure, as a rather young brand they have had their ups and downs with sizing and fit, but I never say no to giving them a try when a chance arises.

Last year I got emailed by the TR team and asked whether I would like to try and review somet of their newer Rougette range. So of course, I was intrigued and gladly said yes. The Rougette is sort of a naugthier, edgier sister to Tutti Rouge and is asthetically very up my alley. The sizing is a bit more limited than with their regular range – from UK D to G cup – but I was happy to give my sister size 34G a try.

I am happy I did, as even though the fit wasn’t perfect, the styles are fun and comfortable! I always like to remind you that the key is comfort and even the best fit cannot save an uncomfortable bra – thus I always advocate for a good fit but it’s definitely the only thing to be considered when opting for lingerie.

I usually pick the pieces I like from any collection that is offered to me, but this time the Rougette team send me a few goodies they thought I might like. I am happy to say, they got it right, and to be quite honest, this brand pleases my eye as a whole. At the moment, there really aren’t that many styles I didn’t like, which obviously quite an achievement. Us lingerie folks get quite picky when we see a collection after a collection!

To get a proper idea of the collection, I received a padded bra set, a bralette set and a lacy bodysuit. These were in sizes 34G, 34FF/G and a Medium. As said, I had to sister size to get the cup size closer to mine, but I don’t see it as a huge problem with these particular pieces. The products I received were the Cruz-bodysuit, Erica- bra set and the Phoenix bralette set.


The Erica features a padded bra and mid-waisted knickers. I was sent the sizes 34G UK and Medium, which were pretty close to fitting my 32GG-H bust. The fit was as expected: a little too loose in the band, a little too small in the cup. Nothing drastic and still wearable for the purpose this bra serves me – something cute to wear on a night-out when I want to feel like a vixen. Padded bras are still a rarety in my bra closet and they don’t come very often to play – but when they do, I am glad I have them for that specific mood and outfit.

I am very happy to say the Erica bra ran true-to-size and has a lovely rounded shape – something a good padded everyday bra should possess. The panties are one of my favourites which is great, as my previous TR panties haven’t been a great success with my current body type. These are wonderfully strecthy and suit a rounder bum as well – yay!


The Phoenix is a lovely lacy laid-back set that features a lightly-padded bralette and a strappy mid-waisted knicker. I have to admit I underestimated this set waaaayy too much when I first got it and yes, the birdseye view wasn’t the one that impressed me. But when I actually got wearing this set, it turned out to be extremely comfortable and also surprisingly sexy. I wore to bed when I was visiting a friend and she commented that the set looked a lot expensive than it actually was, and I think I agree. For such a low price, I would expect the lace to feel scratchy and look a bit plasticy, but it’s not – in fact, the materials on all of the pieces from this collection are very comfortable, soft and nice to touch.

Both the bralette and the panties run true-to-size and even the if the shape of the bralette is not the most uplifting my size, it doesn’t really need to be. I don’t view bralettes equal to bras in uplift and support, as they are not meant to be worn on your most active days but to lounge around home or even sleep in.


The Cruz bodysuit was a lovely surprise fit-wise, as it only comes in regular dress sizes such as Small and Medium. I went for the Medium, as it seems to be my most common size the moment. The fit is spot-on, and I am very happy to say it even fits my 32GG-H bust! The cups of the bodysuit are generous and stretchy, so I would guess they accommodate a plethora of sizes. There is also plenty of room for my bum, which still grows by the day (intentionally, haha). I am so glad, these garments are actually designed with the curvier lady in mind! Great choices of materials are also a key to a better fit, when it comes to these sort of garments. The look of the bodysuit is very pleasing to me as well – even though it’s not the most daring of styles, it remains sexy and has a few lovely details, as the unusual strap style on the back. No bad things to note about this, as the shape of the bust area is quite good as well!

Have you tried Rougette yet and how did you like it? I would love to hear your opinions! If you want to browse their selection, you can do it HERE.

Psst! If you care to know, the bangles and earrings are by Splendette, which has been my latest obsession!


I’ve got a new dress – and it’s got my name on it! Review of Bolero Beachwear “Mette” Dress

2 Mar

Hi everyone! Remember dear old me? I’m still alive, haha!

I don’t really even know where to start with this review. It’s been a long overdue, but here I am finally. It’s a special one for me also, as this particular product has been named over myself – which is really humbling. So how did Mette dress came to be? It was a lovingly created style in my honour, made by the ever-so-lovely Patricia at Bolero Beachwear. She has been kind enough to believe in me, even over my loooong blog hiatus and last year, she hinted me that a dress with my name on was coming together. She wanted to make it perfect, so the release date got pushed back a bit – the first intention was to release the dress and send it to me before our wedding day and honeymoon, but we all know how much Patricia puts her love and devotion to the clothes she makes. So I received it a bit later on.

Patricia was so kind to include two Mette dresses in my parcel and I was so excited – two lovely dresses that were nothing like each other except for the same pattern! The first one – a light stretchy polka-dotted summer day version you can see in these pictures. I promise to post some pictures of the black more fancier version in the future, but let’s give the stage to the more summery version now.

*This product was gifted to me by Bolero Beachwear. All opions are my own. The Photography is by Jaakko Alatalo / Haaska Rock’n’roll Photo.*


As you can see, the Mette dress is a bit different to what we have seen from Bolero before. The dress is A-lined and has a lovely empire waist, which reminds me of my Jane Austen fan girl years (haha, I guess I am still in that phase though…). It’s clever combination of a more modern style beachy summer dress with my signature pinup look. It’s a fun and young style – great if you want something that’s gonna feel relaxed and yet look polished! Wait until you see the more festive version, as this dress can definitely do both day and night.

The polka dots on this dress are a bit smaller than on my Erica dress, which is a nice change, even though I do like my original Erica! Patricia is the queen of wild prints – she loves colours and lively patterns, which make her designs pop. However, Bolero dresses do offer some more subdued alternatives as well, and I happen to be one to dig more timeless prints, such as polkadots and plaid. I would love to see the Mette dress in a dark blue or a burgundy tartan-style plaid, maybe in the thicker Bolero ponte fabric. Hmm… isn’t that an idea? ūüėČ


The fit of the dress is once again excellent and it is surely made with busty gals in mind. I am wearing a size Small, as Bolero dresses run quite generous and stretchy (which is great especially if you fluctuate in size!) and feel that my 32GG-H bust fits into it really well. I stopped buying empire waist dresses years ago, as the waist seam would always climb on top of my boobs, instead of curving under them. There is no fear of this issue with the Mette dress – there is plenty of room for the girls and I love that the dress is form-fitting just under the bust area but starts to very quickly widen down to an A-line hem.

The Mette dress is a bit shorter than my other Bolero dresses and thus it is great for summer and with the festive version, lovely for a night out. It has been a loooong time since I last wore a mini skirt, but this one is not too short to feel uncomfortable in but yet short enough to be a tad sexier than your average knee-lenght dress.


As per usual, Bolero dresses are easy to take care of and this version especially takes so little room in the suitcase, that it’s perfect for any summer vacation. I am hoping to get a lot wear out of it next summer! Summer in Finland is soooo short and unfortunately I got this dress in the autumn, which means I didn’t have time to enjoy it during the worst heat waves. But bring on the heat this summer, I’ll be ready!

The best thing about the Mette dress, as other Bolero dresses as well, is how comfortable it feels. It’s the sort of clothing you don’t have to constantly adjust or suck your stomach in, when the waistband digs into you. You can just forget about wearing clothes all together – which is really the ideal for me, even though it may sound strange. The older I get, the more comfy I want to be, so restrictive clothes are something I only wear on a special occasion. For everyday, there is nothing like a breezy strechy dress, that you don’t really have to think about except for the fact how good you feel and look in it.

You can find the Bolero “Mette” dress here for the price of $140. All of the Bolero styles are made ethically in the USA, so even more something to love ‚̧

PS. No worries, there will still be lingerie reviews here on the blog! I just graduated as a master of Education, so have more time for hobbies now on. The blog won’t probably be as busy as in its hayday, but I will still pop a review here or there when I have time to write and photograph goodies for you!

Getting Ready for that Honeymoon: Bolero “Margarita” Dress Review

8 May

Hi everyone! Only 1,5 weeks until the “big” wedding! I am so excited, needless to say. I am sure you understand that is why I have been a bit absent lately ūüėČ It takes a superwoman to plan a wedding, finish your uni essays in time, plan a burlesque event AND go to work everyday, so I have been too busy and exhausted to blog recently. However, I managed to fit in a photoshoot with my trusty friend and photographer Perttu Luomala, to create this review for you guys!

I received my latest Bolero Beachwear dress months ago, but sadly it was too cold already in Finland to wear it over the autumn and winter. You may not believe it, but we still actually have a bit of snow here and it’s almost mid-May! Our temperatures here in Oulu climbed above 0 C only a few weeks ago. Now it’s full-on spring and we are enjoying our generous +10 C almost everyday ūüėČ I am so happy, as I couldn’t wait to wear my new Bolero beauty – the Margarita dress – that had been sitting in my closet for months with no wear!

Thank you also to our wonderful photo location Mango Discobar for letting us have our shoot there! Great place to take some tropical shots of a tropical dress ūüėČ

The Margarita dress is a flowy summery little number with a knee-length hem and some versatile “puff”-sleeves. I personally like the sleeves off my shoulders as it shows off the cleavage area nicely. All in all, I am happy that the dress even has sleeves, as many summer dresses are designed to bare the arms – which is not something I prefer with my body personally. Don’t get me wrong – I love my strong arms! But I do find my figure more balanced when they are covered even just a little bit.

The dress consists of a black peasant-style top and a flowy, circle-skirt like printed bottom which meet at my natural waist with an off-the-centre black sash that is attached to the dress. I like this detail as it accentuates my waist but also is practical being attached to the dress and not falling down or rolling around my waist while moving! The skirt part of the dress is not a full circle nor does it need to be – I think your could wear it with a short petticoat but I actually like the relaxed look without one! However, the choice is yours depending on your style. I have had many compliments about this dress already and I’ve only worn it for a few times because of the weather! The colour combo is fresh yet stylish – I like my clothes colourful but classic, so they fit many occasions.


This dress is a size Small and it fits my roughly 40-29-40″ measurements well. Bolero sizes are very forgiving, as their garments are made of stretchy yet high-quality materials that can take a bit of size fluctuation. This is a rare combination in my opinion, as most regular high-street brands do offer stretchy clothing but their clothes also become a bit shapeless after some wear. This does not happen with Bolero dresses – my Bolero “Erica” dress is still my go-to dress for almost any occasion except for formal events. It is my most worn dress for teaching burlesque workshops – I have literally rolled on the floor wearing it, and it is still perfect with no signs of wear on the fabric.

The Margerita dress is made from a similar fabric to my Erica dress, which is why I have high hopes for its durability as well. Can’t wait to wear this in my future workshops! It’s pretty but still practical which is the combo I need while teaching. The top half of the dress is double-lined as with all Bolero dresses and it fits my 32GG bust in it easily. I would imagine this dress could fit even a couple of cup sizes more if needed! My suggestion for the bra to wear with this would be the Curvy Kate “Luxe”, which you can read a review of HERE.

Once again, I am trying to come up with some constructive critisim on the Margarita dress, but I really have nothing to complain about. The usual little issues I have – too little bust room and a too-high waist seam – shine with their absence! Once again, the Margarita dress is designed truly with curves in mind. Even the sleeves fit well for someone as muscular as me and have plenty of stretch to accommodate movement.

As regular readers know, I am also a big fan of companies that manufacture their products where they design them. This allows for a more transparent manufacturing process and both the designer and the customer know that these clothes are ethically made. Personally, I only buy vintage and ethically-made (read: no child-labour, stolen designs or dangerous chemicals involved!) vintage-style clothes these days. I want to support small businesses, so we can build a better fufure for our planet and economy. If you want to do the same thing, check out the Margarita dress (sizes XS-1X) here for $140 at the moment.

Bluebella MORE Review: “Calypso” in 32G

25 Mar

Hi lingerie folks! Hope the spring has been treating you well. We are now less than two months away from the wedding and we are also moving on Easter, so needless to say I have been a busy woman. Everything seems to be happening at once, but I think I’m probably not alone – it’s just the way life works itself out. I haven’t forgot about you though! I have exciting reviews coming up, both clothing- and lingerie-wise, so do hang in there!

Today I am reviewing something from a very exciting new collection from Bluebella MORE range. The MORE by Bluebella is a collection for us fashion-forward full-busted ladies and it now starts with 30 bands as well! The range is still only up G-cup though, so I needed to cheat with¬† the sizing this time as well – don’t judge me! However, let’s keep buying and wearing MORE, and maybe in the future we’ll get those H-cups ūüėČ *Disclosure: This set was provided me free of charge by Bluebella. All opinions are my own!*

The Design: Picking something from the Bluebella MORE ss18 collection was a hard task – there were so many things I was intrigued by, I really wanted to have it all. This is rare these days, as I am a picky lingerie consumer and hardly find myself getting so excited over a whole collection.

I usually pick something non-padded as it is more wearable to me, but having tried some non-padded MORE lingerie already, I went for the padded half-cup shaped Calypso. Take note: this was never supposed to be even remotely everyday-wearable to me, but something more to wear in the boudoir or maybe on stage. Thus I was not too fussed about the fit or shape of this bra.

I like how low cut the bra is, as most bras in my size range tend to go higher up my chest. I like having options so thumbs up for the low-coverage, definitely! The one thing that really drew me in with this set was the harness-brief though and the beautiful thick lace decorations of the set. The adornments really make a statement and the aesthetics are both strong yet romantic at the same time. Also, I am always a sucker for the combo of cream and black.

Fit: As the MORE range goes up G-cup, I had little choice with the size of the bra – either I was going to compromise on the band being too loose or the cup being too small. I absolutely HATE too loose bands, so I decided that for a boudoir bra it wouldn’t hurt to wear it in a slightly too small cup size. BUT… As you can see, the cups are not slightly too small ūüėÄ In theory the cups should be only a cup size too small for me, but as this bra runs both small and shallow in the cup, it seems like I would need two cup sizes more to have all my breast tissue lie nicely in the cups. Overall, I would advice to go up a cup size in this bra, if you can. The band is on the snug side, so if you find yourself between sizes, do go up a band as well.

Frankly me and the bra weren’t a great match shape-wise either as I need narrower wires and deeper cups. It’s really the same issue as with most Curvy Kate padded balconettes. However, this does not stop me from wearing such styles from time to time – it’s not meant to be the most practical bra so let’s not expect a perfect fit from it either. Also, the fact that it doesn’t suit me does not mean it won’t suit anyone. I can think of a number of people this would be pretty much perfect on (I am looking at you, Miss R!). Also the shape of the bra is quite nice – it’s not square-y like some half-cups in D+ sizes and I think in a better size the construction of the bra would be highlighted much better.

Comfort:¬†As the bra is a wrong size for me, I haven’t worn it out much so it’s a bit hard to say whether it’s super comfy or not. Only time would tell that and I cannot really wear a bra two cup sizes too small several hours in public – anyone my size would know the experience is awkward and uncomfortable. Based on the feel of the garment and the materials I would say the bra is a rather comfy one – the elastic parts are sturdy and wide, the band has three hooks and eyes, and both the inner and the outer materials are nice to touch.

When it comes to the bottoms of the set, I tried a couple of sizes but unfortunately neither of them fitted me at all. I got a size 12 and 14, but for my body type (hourglass with a bit of tummy), this panty did not feel comfortable or flattering on. I reeeeally wanted it to work and was conflicted to whether review the panties at all, but I think you should be always aware of what you are buying so there won’t be any disappointments. What didn’t work for me were the strappy parts of the panties – they are not elastic at all and thus won’t conform to my body the way I would have liked them to.

I have seen bloggers wearing the panty successfully (here some pics on the lovely Charlie of Big Cup Lil Cup) but they have a slimmer body than mine with a flat tummy. I know some people don’t mind if their pants create more curves but at this point, I am not that comfortable with extra tummy rolls which the straps create by digging into my skin. This was not corrected by a bigger size as the size 14 was otherwise too big for me (the crotch area bunched up significantly) but the straps still dug in. What I think I’m going to do is to sew a loop on some other black knickers, so I can wear the beautiful harness with another panty (luckily the harness is detachable!).

Thank you for reading the review and let me know what you think of the new Bluebella MORE offering, which can be found here! The Calypso bra (UK 30-38 DD-G) costs an affordable £38 and the harness panty (UK 8-18) sets you back at £24.

Happy Easter everyone!


Lumingerie-Exclusive: Lilah

13 Feb

*Disclosure: This set was provided me free of charge by Lumingerie. All opinions are my own.*

Edellisess√§ postauksessa Mervi vinkkasi haastattelussaan, ett√§ Lumingerie suunnitteli yhteisty√∂ss√§ Gorsenian kanssa 10-vuotisjuhlamallin, joka pohjautuu Gorsenian suosittuun Victoria-malliin. Gorsenia kutsuu mallia “kokokuppiseksi”, mutta itse miell√§n mallin toppaamattomaksi kolmipalaiseksi balconeteksi (oliko tuossa jo liikaa sanoja?). Sukelletaanpa siis arvostelun pariin pikimmiten!

In my previous post Mervi tipped us off that Lumingerie designed a 10 year anniversary bra style with the Polish bra manufacturer Gorsenia. This style is based on the rather full-coverage three-part cup balconette (what a word monster!) style Victoria. Let’s dive into the review!

The Design: Gorsenialta l√∂ytyy periaatteessa kolme “p√§√§mallia”: kokokuppisempi balconette (kuten Lilah!), puolikuppinen toppaamaton balconette ja topattu pystysaumainen balconette. Lilahin malliksi valittiin ensiksi mainittu, sill√§ siit√§ on saatavilla isoin kokovalikoima ja malli sopii monelle eri rinnan mallille. V√§riksi valikoitui musta ja lila, sill√§ n√§m√§ v√§rit n√§kyv√§t Lumingerien nettisivuilla vahvasti ja yhdistelm√§ on freesi mutta samalla hillitty.

Liivi on muuten jämäkkää kiiltävää neulosta, mutta kupin yläosa on läpinäkyvämpää pitsiä, jossa voi nähdä toistuvan sydänteeman. Keskellä komeilee ihastuttava lila bling-koriste. Lilahin muoto on todella kaunis ihan niin kuin muissakin Gorsenian malleissa Рtämä toppaamaton kokokuppinen balconette kohottaa todella hyvin rintaa ja tekee sen kauniin pyöreäksi. Ulkonäössä ei siis mitään moitittavaa!

Gorsenia offers a selection of three types of bra shapes: more full-coverage balconette (just like Lilah here), a half-cup non-padded balconette and a padded “two-cakes-on-a-plate” style balconette. The first one mentioned was selected as the shape for Lilah as it is a rather universally well-fitting shape with a vast size range. The colours are black and violet as these are Lumingerie signature colours but also a great fresh yet subtle combination.

The bra is made of a sturdy material but it has a nice see-through upper panel with a repetitive heart-motif. The centre gore features a lovely violet fake gem. The shape of Lilah is just beautiful – this full-coverage balconette style lifts your tits up like no else and makes them nice and rounded!

The Fit / Istuvuus: Itse omistan kolme Gorsenian liiviä tällä hetkellä ja kaikki ovat oikeastaan eri kokoisia Рjaiks! Koot ovat 65I, 70I ja 70J, joten lähimaastossa ollaan, mutta toki on hyvä tiedostaa, että aina ei heti ensimmäisellä tilauksella koko nappaa. Siksi tällaiset arvostelut ovatkin juuri niin käteviä! Tällä kertaa kooksi valikoitui 70J, joten voisin sanoa Lilahin olevan hieman niukkakuppisempi kuin joidenkin muiden Gorsenian mallien.

Koossa 70J on ihanan napakka mutta kuitenkin mukava ymp√§rys ja kuppi istuu justiinsa eik√§ melkein. Kupin yl√§paneelin pitsi j√§√§ hieman pystyyn kupin keskiosasta – t√§t√§ ei kuitenkaan pid√§ luulla liian ison kupin merkiksi, vaan se on ainoastaan kupin pitsin ominaisuus, joka katoaa kun liivi√§ sovitetaan paidan kanssa. Ei siis syyt√§ huoleen ūüėČ Gorsenian kaarituet istuvat minulle kuin nakutettu, sill√§ ne ovat juuri sopivan kapoiset eiv√§tk√§ ylety liian korkealle kainaloon. Kokomatkalta s√§√§dett√§vill√§ olkaimilla saa mukavasti s√§√§t√∂varaa liiviin niin pitemmille kuin lyhyemmillekin naisille.

I now own three Gorsenia bras and they are all different sizes – yikes! The sizes are 65I, 70I and 70J, so close to each other but it is good to acknowledge that sometimes you have to go a bit back and forth with the sizes to find the right one. That’s why these kind of reviews even exist! This time I went for a size 70J, so I would say Lilah is a bit snugger in the cup that some other Gorsenia styles.

The band in size 70J is lovely and snug, yet very comfortable. The cups fit me really well and the underwires are quite narrow, but not too much to pinch me in my breast tissue. There is something I need to say about the cups though – the lace on the upper panel sticks out a bit but this does not mean the cups are too loose, it’s just a feature of the lace and will be invisible under clothing. The straps are fully-adjustable which always solves a bunch of fit issues for taller and shorter girls alike.

Comfort / Mukavuus: Lilah on kokonaisuudessaan todella mukava setti – t√§h√§n vaikuttaa tietenkin Gorsenian hyv√§ istuvuus juuri minun vartalolleni, jolloin esim. hiert√§vist√§ kaarituista tai ep√§mukavasti py√∂rivist√§ ymp√§rysnauhoista ei ole vaaraa. Tein liiville ultimaattiseen “mukavuustestin” – eli otin siin√§ p√§ikk√§rit! Oikeastihan kaarituellisissa liiveiss√§ ei saisi nukkua, jotta kaarituet pysyv√§t uomissaan ehjin√§, mutta pienet silmien lepuuttamiset sohvalla sallittakoon ūüėČ Siin√§ sohvalla p√∂tk√∂telless√§ oikeastaan huomasin juuri sen mit√§ mukavien liivien kohdalla pit√§√§kin hoksata: n√§m√§h√§n eiv√§t tunnu p√§√§ll√§ oikeastaan milt√§√§n.

Housujen kohdalla havainto oli sama, tosin liian pienen√§ n√§m√§kin housut toki kuristaisivat jykevi√§ reisi√§ ja muhkua peppua. T√§m√§n kerron siksi, ett√§ Gorsenian housuissa on todella niukka mitoitus ja min√§ valitsin n√§ist√§ L-koon itselleni. Referenssin√§ t√§h√§n se, etten k√§yt√§ mist√§√§n vaatekappaleesta kokoa L, vaan olen enemm√§nkin kokojen S ja M v√§lill√§ riippuen merkist√§. Housuissa on oikeassa koossa kuitenkin mukava korkeus (ei ihan lantiomalli siis!), vaikka tietenk√§√§n suosikkini eli korkeavy√∂t√§r√∂iset mummop√∂ksyt n√§m√§ eiv√§t aivan ole ūüėČ Haarakiila on sopivan levyinen itselleni (eli leve√§hk√∂) ja housut ovat melkoisen joustavaa materiaalia.

Jos n√§ill√§ puheilla Lilah alkoi kiinnostaa, kannattaa suunnata Lumingerien kauppaan laittamaan tilausta sis√§√§n! Lilah-liivi√§ (39‚ā¨) saa koissa 70-100 D-M, ja p√∂ksyj√§ (19‚ā¨) M-4XL.

Mitä mieltä olet Lilah-setistä? Jos itse suunnittelisit uniikin setin, minkälainen se olisi? Laitappa kommenttilootaan viestiä ja kerro! 

As a whole, Lilah is a very comfortable set indeed – this is obviously partly because Gorsenia bras fit me so well, there is really no fear of¬† pinching underwires or a rolling bra band. I gave the bra the ultimate test – I took a nap in it! I know, I know; you really shouldn’t sleep in your bra as the wires might snap for all the tossing and turning, but a small nap on the couch wouldn’t hurt, right?!¬† As I was lying on the couch I noticed the one thing that really needs to be noticed when a bra is truly comfortable: it doesn’t actually feel like… anything at all!

With the panties, I can say the same thing, but in a size too small these panties would be uncomfortable on thick thighs and big booties. I say this because these suckers run SMALL! I picked a size Large for myself, and I can tell you I have literally no clothes in size Large in my wardrobe otherwise and I usually take a Small or a Medium when it comes to panties. So be sure to size up with these! In the right size, the panties have a nice rise even though they are not high-waisted, which is something I would personally prefer. The gusset of the panties is wide which is something I always like and the material is smooth and stretchy.

If this review inspired you to try the Lilah, you can find it in the Lumingerie webshop here. The bra (‚ā¨39) comes in EU sizes 70-100 D-M and the panties in M-4XL (19‚ā¨).

What do you think about Lilah? What would YOU do if you could design the perfect unique lingerie set? Shoot me with a comment in the comments section!

Sivuty√∂st√§ t√§ysp√§iv√§iseksi naisyritt√§j√§ksi: Lumingerien 10 vuotta – From a Side Job to Full Time Female Entrepreneurship: 10 years at Lumingerie

11 Feb

Suomessa alusvaateala on aina ollut marginaalissa: jokaisella suurella kaupungilla ja joskus jopa pienemmälläkin pitäjällä on oma pieni putiikkinsa, jonka kapasiteetti usein riittää tarjoamaan kokoja n. G-kuppiin asti, ja vuokrien ollessa kalliit ja tilojen pienet kivijalkakauppiaana alalla on vaikea menestyä. Alusvaateverkkokaupat ovatkin olleet monen isorintaisen pelastus: kokoja löytyy huomattavasti enemmän ja merkkivalikoimasta löytyy paljon muutakin kuin perinteistä Primadonnaa.

Ensimmäinen suomalainen alusvaateverkkokauppa, johon itse blogiurani alussa (eli n. 5 vuotta sitten) tutustuin, oli omassa kaupungissani Oulussa varastoa pitävä Lumingerie. Lumingerien valikoimassa itselläni sykähdytti tutut nuorekkaat merkit kuten Curvy Kate, Freya ja Cleo by Panache, joita pääsinkin jossain vaiheessa blogiarvostelujen merkeissä testaamaan Lumingerielle. Yhteistyöstä kehittyi ystävyys, ja jossain vaiheessa myös työpaikka, jossa pääsen tänäkin päivänä toteuttamaan omaa intohimoani asiakaspalveluun ja alusvaatteisiin.

Lumingerie on monelle edelleen alusvaatejälleenmyyjänä uudempi nimi ja moni yllättyykin, kun kerromme asiakkaillemme, että yritys on ollut pystyssä jo aika lailla tasan kymmenen vuotta! Haastattelinkin Lumingerien perustajaa ja omistajaa Merviä yrityksen kymmenestä vuodesta ja siitä, minkälaista on ollut olla naisyrittäjä alusvaatealalla Suomessa.

English: The Finnish lingerie market is a tough one – many small boutiques don’t have the capacity to cater for bigger cup sizes than G as the rents are high and store spaces are small.¬†

I became familiar with a Finnish e-commerce shop Lumingerie in the beginning of my lingerie blogging career and instantly fell in love with their vast selection of young and fun D+ brands. Even better, the storage was located in my town, which meant after a couple of blog collaborations with the company I was invited for tea and to see what the whole thing was about. I was so excited! That very summer in 2014 I got my summer job at Lumingerie and since then, I continue my story with them today as a CS for the company.

Lumingerie was founded exactly 10 years ago, which is a great achievement for lingerie retailer in Finland! Today I have interviewed the founder and owner Mervi about her success as a female entrepreneur in the industry.

Mervi Modan alusvaatemessuilla Birminghamin NEC-keskuksessa / Mervi at Moda lingerie exhibition in NEC-centre, Birmingham.

Mistä lähti ajatus verkkokaupan perustamiseen ja miten yrityksen perustamisprosessi eteni? / How did you start your business and what was the process like?

-Kirjoitin pro gradu -tutkielmaani vuoden 2007 lopussa ja lähdin samalla yrittäjyyskurssille kotikunnassani Lumijoella. Pääaineeni yliopistossa oli tietojenkäsittelytiede, mutta ideaa alusvaateverkkokaupasta pyöritellessäni päätin kokeilla verkkokaupan perustamista sillä idealla, että jospa tätä voisi tehdä sivutyönä opiskelujen ohessa. Tein Lumingerien yrityssuunnitelman yrityskurssin päättötyönä ja itse verkkokauppa aukesikin jo vuoden 2008 alussa. Tein tuolloin lähes kaiken itse, ja jopa verkkosivut väänsin omin pienin kätösin. Eiväthän ne hääppöiset olleet, mutta jostain piti aloittaa. Myöhemmin puolisoni Mikko onkin auttanut verkkokaupan kehittämisessä koodaustaidoillaan.

Odotuksena oli, että pari hassua tilausta kun viikkoon saisi, olisin tyytyväinen. Yllätyinkin kovasti kun ensimmäinen tilaus tuli todella pian verkkokaupan avautumisesta, ja tilauksia alkoikin tulla oikeastaan joka päivä. Jossain vaiheessa heräsikin ajatus, voisiko tästä lopulta ihan täyspäiväinen työ.

I was doing my university dissertation in 2007 and took an entrepreneurship course in my home town Lumijoki at the same time. In university I studied computer science, but wanted to try out my idea of a lingerie e-shop as a side job. I crafted my business plan at the entrepreneurship course as my final dissertation and soon in the beginning of 2008 I launched the e-commerce shop. I did almost everything by myself, even the layout of the website. It wasn’t the best layout ever, but I needed to start somewhere. Later on my husband Mikko has helped me a lot with the coding.

My expectations about the shop weren’t too high at first and I would have been happy with just a couple of orders a week. However, I was surprised to find out that the orders kept coming almost every day and it made me wonder whether this could be something I could do full-time.

Miten päädyit valitsemaan verkkokauppasi kohderyhmän ja millä perusteella valitsit ensimmäiset merkit kaupan valikoimaan? / How did you set your target market and choose the first brands to offer in your selection?

Olen itse isorintainen nainen (tällä hetkellä käytän UK-kokoja 70-75 J-K merkistä riippuen) ja koin, ettei kokoiselleni löytynyt Suomesta erityisemmin valikoimaa Рerityisesti pienen ympäryksen ja ison kupin yhdistelmä on haastava! Päätinkin siis, että Lumingerie keskittyisi erityisesti D-kuppia isompiin kokoihin ja tällä hetkellä valikoimassa on kuppikokoja D:stä aina UK K-kuppiin asti. Muuten en ole lähtenyt kohderyhmäämme määritelemään, vaan asiakkaidemme yhdistävä tekijä on tarve D-kuppia isommalle liiville.

Ensimmäiset merkit, joita otimme kauppaamme, olivat Kris Line ja Adore Lingerie. Nämä merkit ovat sittemmin jääneet pois, mutta ne valikoituivat alunperin sillä periaatteella, että molemmilla oli hyvä kokovalikoima ja he olivat halukkaita tekemään yhteistyötä pienen verkkokaupan kanssa. Nykyään yritämme valikoida mukaan merkkejä, joilla on kohtuullinen valikoima kokoja ja hinta ei päätä huimaa. Suomalaisessa alusvaateverkkokaupassa luksusmarkkinat ovat vaikeat, joten otamme valikoimaan liivejä, joita on matala kynnys tilata kotiin kokeiltavaksi.

I am big busted lady myself (I wear a UK 32-34 J-K) and felt that there weren’t enough retailers catering for my size – especially the big cup, small band market was lacking. I decided that Lumingerie would focus on cup sizes above D-cup and now we cater up to a UK K-cup. There is really nothing else that defines our customers – just a need for a cup size bigger than D.

The first brands we took in were Kris Line and Adore Lingerie. These brands are not sold at Lumingerie anymore but they were selected in the first place for their wide size selection and willingness to do business with a small e-commerce shop.These days we try to select brands that have a decent size range and a price tag. The luxury market is very difficult for an online-only business, which is why it is something we haven’t really wanted to try.

Kertoisitko jotain Lumingerien kehityksestä yrityksenä näiden kymmenen vuoden aikana? / Please tell us something about the progress at Lumingerie over these 10 years!

-Lumingerie on kasvanut tasaisesti ja varmasti näiden kymmenen vuoden aikana. Jo perustusvuonna 2008 työ muuttui päätyöksi vuoden lopulla ja keskityin täysillä Lumingerien pyörittämiseen. Varasto oli aluksi suhteellisen pieni ja siksi pystyin pitämään sitä kotona Lumijoella vuoteen 2010-2011 asti. Muistaakseni vuoden 2010 lopulla kaverini Digitarvikkeelta vinkkasi varastotilan heidän varastonsa vierestä Oulun yrittäjäkylästä, ja päätin tarttua ehdotukseen. Ensin varastoja oli vain yksi, mutta nykyään tilamme ovat jo kolminkertaistuneet.

Vuonna 2014 otin yritykseen ensimmäisen kesätyöntekijän (toim. huom. eli minut!) ja vuonna 2015 muutimme toiminimen osakeyhtiöksi puolisoni kanssa. Tuolloin Mikko tuli myös töihin Lumingerielle ja hän toi yritykseen erityisesti teknistä tietämystä aiemman koulutuksena ja ammattinsa puolesta.  2015 ennakoimme muutenkin yrityksen kasvua ja palkkasimme vuoden aikana kaksi uutta työntekijää mm. markkinoinnin ja kirjanpidon tehtäviin.

Vuonna 2015 valikoimamme muuttui niin, ett√§ mukaan tuli my√∂s miesten tuotteita. Miesten verkkokaupalla onkin ihan oma nimens√§ HerMan’s, joka tulee Mikon toisesta nimest√§ Hermanni. Ajatuksena miesten kaupan nimen takana oli my√∂s se, ett√§ Lumingerien asiakkaat olisivat mahdollisesti voineet ostaa HerMan’silta alusvaatteita puolisoilleen – t√§m√§ ei kuitenkaan mennyt lainkaan niinkuin ajattelimme, vaan miehet ostavat alusvaatteensa oikein mielell√§√§n itse ja tilaajat ovatkin HerMan’silla l√§hes poikkeuksetta miehi√§. Hyv√§ n√§inkin! HerMan’s onkin enemm√§n Mikon vastuulla, jolloin molemmilla meill√§ omistajista on my√∂s omat kiinnostuksen kohteensa mukana ty√∂ss√§.

Lumingerie has grown surely and steadily over these 10 past years. In the end of 2008 my job at Lumingerie turned full-time and I decided to give my all to it. The storage was quite small at first so I could have all my stock at home in Luminjoki until 2010. If I remember correctly, it was in the end of 2010 when my friend at Digitarvike suggested I rent a storage right next to them at business village in Oulu. I grabbed the offer and first rented one storage unit, and now Lumingerie takes up three whole units!

In year 2014 I took in my first summer assistant (editor’s notes: that was me!) and 2015 we founded the Ltd with my husband Mikko. Mikko came in to work with me and brought some valuable technical know-how into the company. We also wanted to predict the company’s growth and thus hired two new employees to take care of marketing and book-keeping.

In 2015 we also took in some men’s products and named the men’s store site HerMan’s according to Mikko’s middle name Hermanni. We also imagined that HerMan’s could be a place for women to buy underwear for their partners – little did we know that HerMan’s whole customer base would basically be all men! This suits us perfectly fine though. HerMan’s is more Mikko’s responsibility and this way we both have a focus in our work and something interesting to work on.

Mitkä koet suurimmiksi saavutuksiksesi yrittäjänä ja mitä haluaisit vielä saavuttaa? / What are your biggest successes as an entrepreneur and what would you like to achieve in the future?

Ylipäänsä se, että tästä oli mahdollista tehdä kokopäivätyö itselle on iso saavutus. Pidän myös itse siitä, että Lumingerie on perheyritys. Varmaan kuitenkin isoin saavutukseni yrittäjänä on mahdollisuus tarjota useammalle ihmiselle työpaikka yrityksessäni. Tänä päivänä Lumingerie on myös kansainvälinen yritys Рlähetämme tuotteitamme Eurooppaan ja myös rapakon taakse viikottain.

Tulevaisuuden suunnitelmia ja haaveita on paljon, enk√§ ihan viel√§ aio niit√§ paljastaa ūüėČ Yhten√§ esimerkkin√§ voisin kuitenkin sanoa omien liivimallien suunnittelemisen juuri meid√§n kaupallemme – haluaisin tarjota jotain uniikkia asiakkaillemme! Py√∂r√§t t√§ss√§ asiassa ovat kuin ovatkin jo l√§hteneet liikkeelle ja Lumingerien 10-vuotis juhlamallin Lilahin olemme suunnitelleet yhteisty√∂ss√§ alusvaatemerkki Gorsenian kanssa. Malli tuli myyntiin t√§ll√§ viikolla ja se on suunniteltu Lumingerien v√§reiss√§ koko ty√∂tiimin mielipiteet huomioon ottaen.

It is amazing that I could make this my full-time job so that is an achievement in itself. I am also happy to say that Lumingerie is now a family business. My biggest achievement though would be being able to offer jobs to other people as well. These days Lumigerie is an international company as well, as we ship to European countries and also beyond the pond weekly.

I have a lot of plans and dreams regarding Lumingerie but I am not sure whether I want to reveal them just yet! Something I could tell you is that I would like to create more in-house designed styles just for Lumingerie and this way offer something unique to our customers. We started this journey already and are now offering a 10-year anniversary style Lilah in our e-commerce shop. This style has been designed with our whole Lumingerie team in collaboration with a Polish lingerie brand Gorsenia. 

Kiitos Merville haastattelusta! Jos haluat lukea arvostelun Lilah-setist√§, pysyh√§n kuulolla huomiseen asti ūüėČ / Huge thanks to Mervi for the interview! If you would like to see Lilah reviewed here on the blog, please stay tuned until tomorrow ūüėČ

Salon International de la Lingerie: AW18 Trend Report

30 Jan

I have made a true industry comeback: I visited the Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL) just recently and I am here to bring you all the news regarding AW18 season! First before we start previewing the collections, I am here with a trend report on the colours, prints and materials for next season. Enjoy the autumnly ride!



You asked for it – now prepare yourself! AW18 season is the season of green. Mostly bottle green, but you do see some shades of mossy and lime green as well. If you are a full-busted gal, look no further than Cleo by Panache to find something in this colour to add to your collection.



This is something that I am personally very excited about! Gold, especially paired to either black or white is a striking hue that will make the autumn season ever-so-luxurious. Metallics in general are in fashion and you can find some silvery and gun-metal coloured pieces as well. To acquire the most beautiful golden-hued full-bust bras, turn to the luxury brand Harlow & Fox




As Lingerie Insight stated in its previous number, 2017 was the year of the bralette. But the season for this fun and comfy piece of underwear is far from over! Now bralettes have been transformed to fit all sorts of body types and needs (see the blue bralette from Parfait) so everyone can enjoy the trend in 2018.



To accompany the bralette trend, 2018 is bringing us an array of bodysuits, both in wired and non-wired options. There is something for everyone: D+ consumers, triangle bra lovers, lingerie-as-outerwear darers and luxury enthusiasts.



Even though lace and embroidery still dominate the European lingerie markets, we can see some unusual materials in AW18. Some trendsetters have long used velvet to make a statement but this season it will hit the lingerie market big time. What has mostly been used in luxury robes now translates to bralette sets, body suits and small details on eg. see-through bra cups (see Maison Lejaby).

Geometrical & Cage Patterns


I first fell in love with “cage” designs when I saw the first Bettie Page by Playful Promises collection a few seasons back. Now the trend is taking on the industry and putting its naughty vibe on everything. This brings us to smaller geometrical prints that adorn many see-through sets and bodysuits this upcoming season. How refreshing after all the winter florals that return every AW season!

How do you like the AW18 trends? Interested to see any particular collection in the upcoming weeks? Let me know in the comments below! xx (…or even just leave me a comment to let me know you’re there, okay?)

Easy-Going Pinup Perfection: Bolero Beachwear “Lola” Dress Review

15 Jan

*Disclosure: This item was provided to me by Bolero Beachwear free of charge. Opinions are my own!*

I don’t know if I have told you this before – I may have not, to be honest – but I study and work two jobs at the same time, which makes doing my makeup hair and putting an immaculate true-vintage outfit together sometimes impossible. On days when I have to rush from one work place to another, I rather put my hair up neatly, do some basic mascara and a lippie and put on a stretchy comfortable dress that can take the rush.

A few months ago, my pal Patricia from Bolero Beachwear sent me a couple of dresses to brighten up my autumn days and I was happy to discover once again that her designs are an absolute must to my wardrobe. The first dress that I have actually worn a lot during these months is called Lola and she is a lovely autumnal version of my beloved Bolero halter retro dress.

Lola features a classic circle skirt (not full though, if you are a vintage-enthusiast, you know what I mean) attached to a fitted bodice and some 3/4 length sleeves. It can be dressed up or down and here I have styled it with a smart casual twist.

Pics by Perttu Luomala Photography

The Lola dress features a Ponte di Roma material which is quite warm and thick to combat those winter winds. The winter in Finland has been rather mild this year (and ever-so-dark, thus the difficulties to take blog pictures…) so I have basically lived through it just wearing my usual dresses and fleece stockings (Pretty Polly makes some great ones, click here!). The Lola dress also has 3/4 length sleeves, which is always a plus when it comes to winter-appropriate dresses.

When it comes to sizing, Bolero Beachwear dresses are rather generous and great for size fluctuation or bloating. I don’t really go on a scale but sometimes use a measuring tape and my waist size fluctuates around 28-29 inches and has done so during the past few years. These dresses don’t have rigid waistbands that start to dig in after a lovely restaurant meal and they can easily just be slipped over your head while dressing. I am wearing a size Small in the emerald green Lola, which fits me well, even a bit generous.


The proportions of the dress are pretty much spot on for me: the waist is not too short for my torso, there is plenty of room at the bust to accommodate my 32GG’s and the dress hits me right at the knee, which is a very flattering length (and appropriate one for a vintage gal like myself) for someone like me with a 5’6 frame. The quality is again topnotch: there are deep pockets to carry everything from your phone to your credit card and the top part of the dress is fully lined.

What I love most about Bolero is the passion and care Patricia puts into the designs: all of her clothes are easy to wear, care and to travel with and she is one of the ethical producers or modern-day clothing staples. All of her designs are made in the USA, which is always a definite upside for a person who is concerned about unethical consumerism in today’s world. These clothes last and the materials can be washed time and time again without them wearing out easily.


If you are interested in the Bolero Beachwear offering, take a look at their webshop here.¬†¬†The Lola dress costs $150 and will definitely be a staple in any pinup girl’s wardrobe. My Bolero dresses always gain compliments when I take them out and I love that I can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time!

If you want to see more Bolero, stay tuned! Another more summer-y review coming soon ūüėČ

Lingerie Review: Freya “Fancies” Bralette

11 Jan

How are all my lingerie enthusiasts doing? I started my new year with a mild flu and I am already dying of boredom – I want to go out and do stuff like hit the gym and go to burlesque practices! Now that I am staying inside for a while, I might just blog. I am actually quite excited for year 2018 when it comes to basically… everything! That means blogging as well. I am just a bit afraid that people are not interested in my blog anymore – I do hope there are some of you left there! At least most my subscribers are patiently waiting for my posts as I don’t think many have unsubscribed yet. Thank you a thousand times for that!

Today I am bringing you some new year loungewear/ bralette action. We all know the hot potato in the full-bust world has been the praised bralette trend that most of us cannot really take part in – bralettes are traditionally geared towards more small-busted people and thus the breezy light undergarments are something we don’t really have access to. However, over the past year or so a few brands have come up with bralettes that actually work for more full-busted women as well! The first bralette I got to try was the Freya “Fancies” collection bralette. Cha at Large Cup Lingerie heard about my interest to try a good full-bust bralette and offered to send me a couple to try. I was super excited and here are the results…

DSC_0125DSC_0100The Design: The Freya “Fancies” bralette comes in many different colourways, the newest one being the adorable Orchid colour which is very vibrant in flesh. I got to try the red and turquoise bralettes in sizes Small and Medium and kept the red Medium one for myself in the end. The Small turquoise bralette is with my friend Eeva and she thoroughly enjoys it as a UK size 30F/32E in regular bras. The Fancies bralette is available both in brights and in neutrals, so if you like a more toned-down shade such as black or navy, Large Cup Lingerie and Freya have you covered.

The bralette comes in regular dress sizes XS-XL and is supposed to fit a plethora of cup sizes. The bralette is a pull-over style which means it is not fastened at the back – this can be a tricky design decision for us small-band-big-cup needing women, but the materials are quite stretchy and thus the pull-over feature is not too bothersome. The bralette is made out of firm lined mesh and stretchier lace and the straps are pretty similar to a regular bra, just narrower than regular Freya bras would have in big cup sizes. The straps are fully-adjustable which means the style will suit both shorter and taller women alike.

The look of the bralette is quite simple but I like the simplicity with the fun colourways. I would love to see some prints, and different types and colours of laces though! Compared to other full-bust bralettes, I think the Fancies bralette is actually rather sexy which is always an upside for me.

The Fit: I wear bras in a range of 30-32 GG-HH at the moment so I have a big bust and still quite a small band size. I know a friend of mine who wears 2-3 bigger cup sizes than me and she wears a Large in the bralette, so I pretty much knew the Medium would fit me. However, Cha was so kind to send me both Small and Medium so I could compare them to each other.

The size Small was pretty good in the band (not tight whatsoever) but the “cups” were at least a couple of sizes too small. I would say the size Small bralette would best fit someone with a 30-32 band and cup sizes DD-FF, maybe G. The Medium is a bit of a reach with my usually 32GG bust, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a bigger bust than mine. If I could put together size Small’s band section and size Large’s cup section, that would probably be the ideal fit for me. However, the Medium is definitely not bad and I literally wear the heck out of this thing almost everyday (I need more of these…)!

I would like to remind everyone that this is a bralette, NOT a bra that lifts and supports your throughout a long day at work. My breasts are rather self-supporting, so I don’t feel like I need more support when lounging around at home. However, if your breasts are soft and bigger than mine, I wouldn’t expect too much of this bralette – it truly is only something to keep the boob sweat at a bay and make you a bit more comfortable at home than your average bra.

Comfort: Yes, it is the most comfortable thing I have put on my boobs in a while! Of course – it is a rather well-fitting full-bust appropriate bralette after all. The materials are fine on my skin but if I was completely honest, I would rather have a cotton lining inside the bra than the same mesh as on the outside. I think the mesh has been an aesthetic choice mostly, as it gives the bralette a more sheer sexy look to it.

The Fancies bralette is very stretchy and I like the slightly taller band that lies nicely on the ribcage rather than distributing the weight of my chest only directly under my bust. I have protruding ribcage which means my upper ribs stick out a bit more than usual, so I love the stretchy lace longline that works well with both bones sticking out and bloating that comes with the unfortunate IBS I suspect having.

All in all, I am super pleased with the Freya Fancies bralette and am planning to get a few more in the future, so this one won’t be in the wash all the time ūüėČ Head over to Large Cup Lingerie and check out their impressive selection of colours! The bralette costs a very affordable ¬£20 and you can also buy a pair of matching panties from the Freya Fancies collection for the price of ¬£14.

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